A Fishy Story

A Fishy Story

About a week or so ago, I went to the Shedd Aquarium, on a whim, with my Mom. It was completely random, we were driving down Lake Shore Drive on the way back from something far less pleasant, and both said that we’d like to see the jellies (they have a jellyfish exhibit on right now).

So we turned left around Grant Park until we came round right again, and we went.

We saw the 4D movie (yes, I also said, what on earth is 4D? Well, let me tell you). What happens in the 4D movie is they propel stuff at you in sync with the action–snow, bubbles–and then jiggle your seat.

I laughed uncontrollably.

My mother fell asleep.

You can decide whether they’re for you, but I can tell you, it was more engaging when Aldous Huxley did it.

We saw the jellies, and then we went to the dolphin show. Which turned out to be a whale show.

The last time I was at the Shedd, there was a dolphin who was thrilled to be in show business. S/he, prior to the start, knew the audience was there, and knew how to excite the kids. It went up and down, barely breaking the surface of the water, and each time it came up, the children would say “oooh.” The dolphin loved it.

This time, the dolphin–I can’t say for sure it was the same one, but I have my suspicions–was in a pen to the side while the whales were the stars.

The dolphin did not love it.

It swam near the border between pens, its mouth wide open in a “look at me” grin. It scalloped over the water.

Then, just as the whales were getting to their blockbuster behaviors–spitting water, I think, I can’t be sure because of the distraction–it decided the audience needed to see the true star of the show.

The dolphin started doing flips.

Off to the side, in its little pen.

One after another after another, high and spectacular.

“And you can only spit,” it seemed to say. “Now this is show business.”

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