White Sox season reaches new milestone (Hint: It's the bad kind)

White Sox season reaches new milestone (Hint: It's the bad kind)

“High fives? WHAT THE **** IS GOING ON?!?!” // Phil Velasquez, Chicago Tribune

I forgot what I was going to say.

Oh right!  While Wednesday afternoon’s bloody lurch of a 3-2 home defeat to the Minnesota Twins–the 2nd worst team in baseball–seems unimportant, that was mere deception!  What appeared to be two shattered and heavily concussed has-been titans of the AL Central circling each other and muttering incoherent obscenities, was really the White Sox reaching a new benchmark.

A benchmark; a round number, something we keep track of.  Like 3,000 hits, .08 BAC, or 20,000 leagues under the sea.

The White Sox are now 10 games under .500 at 11-21.

2010 open drearily, featured much disappointment, empty stadiums, mass
hysteria, etc., at no point did it see the White Sox drop 10 games under


In his greed, Juan took for granted the safety of the base. He strayed, Lord. He strayed. // Phil Velasquez, Chicago Tribune

9? Sure.  10?  Hell, no.  Get lost!

As such, comparisons to that
year and it’s awesome, soothing  cancer-curing comeback are wearing
thin, and comparisons to 2007’s season are becoming more apt.  That was
not only the last time the Sox were 10 games under, but also the last
time they lost 14 out of 17 games at any stretch.

You remember 2007, don’t you?

year the Sox went 72-90.  The year Jim Thome produced more WAR than all
White Sox position players as a whole, the year that tried to end
Jermaine Dye’s career.  The year Javy Vazquez was Chicago’s best

That year.

Drawing upon not necessarily significant similarities between this team
and the worst White Sox team I’ve witnessed as an adult is actually more
fun than examining the specific issues that propped up in Wednesday’s
game.  While the no-hitter only focused on one nagging issue with the
team (getting hits), Wednesday’s dull thud offered such concerns as Juan
Pierre playing poor defense, Juan Pierre getting picked off all the
time, Ozzie trying to steal bases with people who can’t steal, Carlos
Quentin hitting infield pop-ups like he’s trying to make up for lost
time, the lineup still refusing to reel in struggling pitchers who can’t
throw strikes….

Best to just drop it like I’ve dropped so many other games from my mind,
as I’d just end up comparing the team to the 2007 version anyway.


His forearm is fine, he’s just really really sad // Phil Velasquez, Chicago Tribune

Thursday for the Sox brings about possibly the most desperately needed
off day since off-days in baseball were first instituted.  We all
remember the dark days of the sport in the 19th century, back when
players slept in shipping containers and wore uniforms woven from meat. 
Rest up, fellas, you don’t know how good you have it.

It feels absurd to discuss the playoffs at all right now.  Given that a
playoff run was what the entire season was built around makes it feel
like I’m already declaring the season dead, but the White Sox are doing
so many things wrong right now that demanding that they string together
an 8 wins out of 10 run or something might be unrealistic.

For a team as wantonly guilty of pressing as this one, “Play Better” seem ambitious enough of a goal for now.

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