Fascinating details about myself

My name is Teppi Jacobsen although often I will answer to "Mom", "Jep" (a nickname that seemed to have stuck), "Tepster" (the lifelong nickname) or just "Hey, I need".....

Born and raised in the time of no cell phones, no computers, no kids on milk cartons and remembering the day Kennedy was shot I think I turned out okay.

I have always had a passion for writing although my education was in Fashion Design and Merchandising. Anyone trying to get a job in fashion in Chicago knows you usually end up working in a bank or something like that. I did that for many years until one day I woke up and said "what the hell am I doing"? I left on my lunch hour, got a job at Neiman-Marcus and sold suits to rich men. That didn't satisfy my need to be creative so I again left; searching for what to do.

Somewhere during that time I met my husband, got married and had two beautiful daughters, ages 25 and 23. I finally started my own business in 1998 as an independent sales rep working in the fashion industry. I sell women's accessories to retailers and have found it to be a great career. The passion for writing has never left me however and as I have gotten older (I'm admitting it!),  I feel the need more than ever. I have too many thoughts racing through this unable to focus brain of mine (Adult ADD?) so here I am, sharing them with what I hope will be a welcoming audience.

I am also a two time breast cancer survivor. I am a huge advocate for testing for the BRCA gene for which I am positive. This has changed my life completely but made me that much stronger. And it has certainly given me much material to write about.