Hope you didn't miss: Protest at Holy Name Cathedral


Photo Credit:Gay Liberation Network via Flickr CC

More than 100 protesters marched outside of Holy Name Cathedral yesterday to protest Chicago’s Cardinal George – who has been instrumental in stalling LGBT rights.
The Gay Liberation Network organized the protest to bring to light the work that Cardinal George has been doing, behind the scenes, to limit, stall and stop LGBT rights, including:
– Blocking same sex-marriage and/or civil unions in Illinois.
– Attempting to kill LGBT inclusion as a protected class in the Illinois Human Rights Act.  In other words, he opposed  gays’ equal access to jobs, housing and access to public accommodations. 
– He and other Catholic bishops circulated petitions in a failed effort to force an anti-gay advisory referendum on marriage.
– As head of the National Conference of Catholic Bishops, George has directed that tens of thousands be spent promoting the anti-gay Proposition 8 in California. 
– And just last week, the Huffington Post reported that “Cardinal Francis George of the Archdiocese of Chicago denounced a D.C.-area ministry that describes itself as ‘gay-positive’ and seeks to build bridges between gays and the Church.”
– Congressman Gutierrez’s office recently told a GLN representative that opposition from the Catholic Church, presumably directed by Cardinal George, was the reason that all LGBT protections were stripped from the current immigration reform bill he’s sponsoring.
Check out the Gay Liberation Network and find out what you can do to promote LGBT rights.

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