"The Black Swan" Got Me Thinking About Perfection

"The Black Swan" Got Me Thinking About Perfection

Yesterday I was treated to a rare afternoon movie date with my husband.  The last three movies I saw were “Sex and the City 2”, “Toy Story 3” and “Eat, Pray, Love;” so I knew this would be different then my average theater experience.   I was craving a movie that made me think and talk and I was pretty sure the “The Black Swan” would fulfill that, but I was scared. 

The premise is a ballerina Nina’s quest for perfection as she played the role of The Swan Princess.  Her perfectionism messed up her relationships, her mind and her body.  So I began thinking is being perfect healthy?

When I gave birth to my first child, I attempted to be the perfect mother.  I would jump up the minute the baby made a peep and wash my hands, feed him, wash my hands, change him, wash my hands, rock him, wash my hands.  Needless to say my hands were very chap that winter.   

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As a result of striving for perfectionism, I ultimately learned it is close to impossible to do it all on my own.  Asking for help, accepting my faults and wearing pajamas all day leads to a better mother for my children.  I am happier even if my house is not spotless and we eat grilled cheese for dinner…3 nights in a row. 

In yoga it is impossible for me to be perfect.  I might never be able to do arm balances or completely straighten my arms in full wheel, but that is humbling to me.  I enjoy yoga practices because I feel it is me working on me.  Of course, I notice there are yogis better than me in class, but for the most part I am happy where I am. (Although I do wish I could do Crow pose without worrying about breaking my nose!)

Instead of being perfect I am choosing to grow each day by learning and experiencing.  I’m also hoping to show my children and myself that failing is ok sometimes.  We all learn from our mistakes and sometimes those are the events that make us stronger. 

Natalie Portman’s character Nina taught me that being the best is not always necessary. I think I’ll happily hang out in the middle of the pack.




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  • I would guess you are a little above the middle of the pack!

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