Notre Dame Basketball: Mike Brey Rumors Swirling


Rumors have been flying around South Bend today as word around campus is that Mike Brey is on the verge of being forced to resign as Notre Dame’s head basketball coach, the reason being Brey breaking the university’s code of conduct.

Obviously nothing official is announced yet but I’ll be tracking things as they progress over the next few hours/days.  With no time for an official word from the university set it is hard to speculate how quickly things will transpire but to get everyone up to speed here are some quotes on the rumor, they may remind you of a certain Big East basketball coach to the south…

The following is a rumor from a message board which sums up what the rumor consists of:

“The rumor is that he was sleeping with a local TV reporter. She was supposedly dating Chris Zorich and got into a drunken fight with him out in South Bend and got arrested, and was fired from her job. Now it is strongly rumored that Brey had something going on with her.”

Does this mean Mike Brey is Tiger Woods?  Let’s reserve judgment and let the University of Notre Dame conduct their investigations to help decide what they believe the proper course of action is.  Some have Brey being fired/forced into resignation as early as this evening while others feel the whole rumor will swirl over and nothing major will come of it.

Just stating what I’ve heard and not jumping to any conclusions just yet…obviously we’ll play it by year and post any advancing news that comes out.

First heard this rumor early this afternoon but here are a list of links that are reporting hearing the same rumor.  Once again, I’m not reporting this is going to happen for sure by any means, just putting out there what a lot of people are looking at right now.

I didn’t come up with these rumors by myself, these are all places I found the rumor being discussed before posting.  Is it all a whole lot of nothing?  We’ll likely see in the coming days…

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