Who's Notre Dame's Best of the Past 25 Years?

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The search is on, Irish Fans!  Be sure to be checking out “Under the Golden Dome” here on ChicagoNow from now until the end of the NCAA Basketball tournament because we will be figuring out who the best player to wear a Notre Dame football jersey in the past 25 years was!!

In the spirit of the NCAA Tournament and all of the brackets I am sure you’ve all filled out, why not use this philosophy on finding out who the best Notre Dame football player in the past 25 years was?

The bracket is above, you can vote your first round winners below…here is how we will get figure out the eventual champ:

Voting for first round games will take place from now until midnight on Friday night.  After the votes have been tallied, come back between Saturday the 20th and Tuesday the 23rd.  From there we will move to the Elite 8 – March 24th thru March 28th, Final Four – March 29th thru April 1st, and the eventual championship matchup – Friday, April 2 thru the evening of April 5.

Once the votes have been tallied we will announce the winner of the tournament on April 6th.


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  • These seeds are laughable. How the heck is Tony Rice not the #1 seed? How is Jeff Samardzija seeded ahead of Tate? Clausen at #2 is pathetic...and I'm a huge JC fan. Zibby as the 4 seed? Your kidding right? He'd likely be the "underdog" against every player in that "region."

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