600 CPS Teacher and Staff Notices Begin This Week

The CPS announced that it will be giving layoff notices to 600 CPS
personnel this week. This includes 400 teachers and 200 support staff.

The notices are “mostly the result of the high school class size increase — to 33 from
28 — and cuts to bilingual education and world language classes,” said district Chief Human Capitol Officer Alicia Winkler.

original plan was to do even more layoffs. But because of the state
giving $57 million at the end of June, plans to increase high school
class sizes to 35 and to increase elementary class room sizes were
averted- at least for now.

Don’t get me wrong, the state of
Illinois is still in a major financial problem. I’m not really sure how
the state got the $57 million and I’m not sure how the state will handle
current and future expenses. Governor Quinn is on the record saying he
would like to borrow more money to pay the state’s bills. But that  is
just a short term fix that does not address the underlying problems. The
state still has to figure out how to pay it’s massive unfunded
liabilities (mainly to public sector unions).

I fear that the
state will solve some of it’s financial problems by borrowing even more
money – which future generations will have to pay through tax increases
or a lower standard of living – or the state will ask districts to cut
even more. The CPS already cut sophomore sports last spring. What’s next
freshman sports? I would hate to see that situation, but it could be a
reality unless the underlying state financial problems are addressed
very soon.

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