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Thank you to my readers who pointed out something very special to me after my last post.  Sometimes when I get home and I have my fingers pounding away at the keyboard I sometimes forget that I generalize people.

To my reviewers I must say that I apologize and did not mean that all people from the burbs are bitches or that all parents cannot raise well mannered children.

I tried a new thing on this blog recently which was posting my opinions.  The hardest part of an opinion post is that your message sometimes blankets groups of people and those who do not express the behavior may feel offended or grouped with those that I am talking about.

I do not want any of my readers to feel offended by my posts!  To one of my loyal readers, Elizabeth, I do know that there are a lot of great people in the burbs and yes I have been generalizing a lot.  Thank you for helping me to remember this.  The serving world often gets your blood boiling after seeing or hearing stupid people. 

Now, this does not mean that you will not be reading my opinions anymore.  In fact, you might read many more in the future.  I will definitely narrow down the population that I am talking about but, that being said, I know there will always be issues with these kind of posts.

Blogs sometimes contain stories or messages that not everyone will agree with or they generalize groups of people.  I hope that everyone realizes that they are an individual and not to always group themselves with the masses.  There are ignorant and amazing people in every group of society.  The only thing I can say is be different.  Show the world that you are a cool person from the burbs, who doesn’t snap their fingers at their server and who has very well behaved children.  You are the one who gives me hope that not everyone has forgotten their manners.

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  • What a lovely response. I felt compelled to respond, to your response, so can you check Parenting without a Parachute's page? I am not savvy enough to add a small link. Thanks!

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