Occupy Wall Street: Failure upon Failure upon Failure upon Failure

Occupy Wall Street: Failure upon Failure upon Failure upon Failure

Anyone who has been watching the news lately, and anyone with even 1/4 of a brain, has been disgusted by the riotous, weed-driven frenzy that is the Occupy Wall Street Movement.

Calling it a “Movement” is actually giving it too much credit, but if the word can be used for describing the purging of waste from one’s bowels, I guess it’s more apt that I thought!

Today was supposed to be the Grand Climax of the Movement, where these glorified hippies would storm Wall Street and stop hard-working bankers and stock brokers from entering their workplaces.

The end result: The lame protestors only succeeded in successfully blocking a busy street in front of the New York Stock Exchange and more than 200 of the occupiers who attended were arrested, for blocking said intersection.

The arrests got violent, the fault of  the protestors who refused to leave the crowded streets, and several police officers were attacked by protest members.

On the radio this afternoon (Roe & Roper on 890 WLS if anyone is playing the home-game), the hosts brought up a good point: The protestors only succeeded in protesting against the police officers who were trying to arrest them – those police officers being over-worked, under-paid workers themselves, who only live to better our lives and keep us safe!

That right there is the crux of the problem with the Occupy Wall Street Moment: It’s definitely not working! Today marked the two month anniversary (what’s the present for a two month anniversary for a terrible movement… Gold? Silver? Pepper Spray?) of the start of the movement, and they have successfully accomplished NOTHING!

They have been out there, whining, complaining and making an absolute mess of things, and they have left nothing but destruction and vapidity in their wake! They have marched the proverbial “unfair” streets of America and have found themselves in a vacant lot, overgrown with weeds, with nowhere to go but to return to the overwhelming darkness that is their lives.

They’re also a rude bunch of buggers. Not only do they attack policemen, but they heckle politicians too! Michele Bachmann, while giving a speech at a Veteran’s Day Parade in South Carolina, was heckled by Occupy Protestors, who shouted, “You capitalize on dividing Americans, claiming people that disagree with you are unpatriotic socialists!” After local police escorted them out, Bachmann said, “Don’t you just love the First Amendment?”

Later Bachmann said, about the protestors, “They haven’t been told what was done for them, and that’s what’s a shame, and I think that as soon as they would know, if they understood the heavy price that was paid for that First Amendment right, they’d be much more respectful.”

She also said that the protesters were ignorant of the heroes “on the USS Yorktown who paid a big price for them.” She added, “They’re ignorant and they were disrespectful, but you know someday hopefully they’ll come to know the price that was applied.” (Story courtesy of The Huffington Post.)

A recent survey of Occupy Wall Street members by Hector R. Cordero-Guzman, Ph.D, of the School of Public Affairs at New York’s Baruch College, sheds new light on who they are: Young (64.2 percent are under 34), well educated, white (81.3 percent) and male (67 percent). Only half are employed full-time. Over 70 percent say they are independents politically, 27 percent are Democrats, 2.5 percent are Republicans. (Courtesy of ABC News)

Let’s break down this survey shall we?

Young + Well Educated = Lazy Hippies? HOW does that work? If these punks are truly intelligent, they would be either working a steady job now or looking for one that fits their needs! But, instead, they’re just sitting there complaining like a little boy who just lost a game of Hide and Seek.

One half are employed full-time… Then WHAT, pray tell, are they doing there in the first place!? They should be at their jobs, making money and contributing to help America, instead of sitting in a tent and complaining about what’s wrong! They already found a job – where’s the vicious American bias in that?

The fact that they’re male sheds a little light on their motives… What better way to impress chicks than putting their faces out there for a meaningless Liberal cause?

And the 27% Democrat vs. 2.5% Republican… I do believe that speaks for itself! Those 2.5% of Republicans must me so far central that they’ve lost sight of true Republicanism anyways…

What this survey shows is that they’re a bunch of lazy white guys, overwhelmingly Liberal, who just want to sit and complain about what America lacks, instead of its many golden ideals.

The thing is, we have a good system in America, but these Occupiers aren’t willing to admit the fact that America, like every other nation, can go through startling low times, as well as glorious highs! They simply CAN’T wait for the Economy to turn upwards, which it already is. It has been reported that the Economy is slowly improving, Stocks and Figures are up and Sales are on the up-and-up! Why can’t the Protestors see that…? Because, like stubborn horses, they have placed blinders on themselves to hide the truth from their wandering eyes.

Two of my favorite people in the world sum it up best:

First, Michele Bachmann: “A vocal minority called Occupy Wall Street believes that the problem we face is capitalism or free markets. It’s not. The problem is government doing what both the Constitution and decent morality prohibit, that is crony capitalism.”

Second, my dear friend Gabby: “What’s even more frustrating for me is that my mother is one of the people the debt crisis is truly affecting. She works her ass off. Every single day. And she had to file bankruptcy and we’re losing our home…but you don’t see her out there ‘protesting’. She goes to work because that’s what responsible people do…to support their families and themselves.”

Occupiers are not loathes to admit they thrive on Capitalism- What would they do without their Ipads, Smart-Phones and MAC Computers? Hmm…?

My solution to these punks: MOVE OUT OF AMERICA! Get up and LEAVE! Take your $300 IPads and Smart-Phones and GO! You don’t need to stay here, because obviously you’re too mighty to live by our rules and ideals, that have worked for hundreds of years…

Both of my Grandpas served this country in the Army, making sure we would keep the Freedom that has made America so great! How many of these Protestors have served their country in such a selfless, blisteringly honest way? Of course, that figure never makes it into the survey, because none of them probably have!

If they would all stop complaining and start truly using their “intelligent” minds, they would be able to find jobs and find ways to work within our system, instead of lobbying to change something that truly doesn’t need to be changed!

America isn’t perfect, but at least we can provide a country that would tolerate these numb-skulls for even  a few months..and hopefully soon their pathetic little movement will taper out and they will go back to their bong parties and high-rise lofts…

I represent the 100% of people who should despise these miscreants- The real question is:

Do you?


What do YOU think of the Occupy Wall Street Movement? Comment on this blog, or email me, to discuss what these people are doing to the real fiber of America!


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  • Gosh, you come across like a screechy lil' fascist, don't you? Stick to writing about the Beetlejuice reboots and television shows from now on, if you please, it suits your limited capacity better. Your article is basically a troll hate screed, vomiting forth every cliche and prejudice know to man. How does it feel to be a pimple on the ass of History? The fact that you claim Michele Bachmann as one of your favorite people in the world is evidence enough that you are the enemy of human race. If you had any guts -- which I doubt you do -- but if you did, I invite you to come to an Occupy Chicago general assembly meeting and speak in front of the group for your two minutes and explain to us your thoughts on democracy and the state of the nation. At GAs, even pimples on the ass of History have the right to speak and participate in the movement, because even YOU are part of the 99%, and the 99% are nothing but expendible tools in the eyes of the 1%, at best, and expendible garbage at worst. It probably makes you feel power and strong to side with the 1%, but you are nothing to them. You'll see, in the end.

  • In reply to DocBenway:

    The fact that you're furthering the segregation of American by pushing the inane 99% vs. 1% issue is enough for me to see that anything this humble Conservative might say would be wasted on deaf ears... And even if that percentage exists, the 1% have worked for what they have, even if they've inherited it from generations back. They are people too, not just faceless corporations. But, then again, we never hear their story because we're too busy focusing on the Occupy Onslaught... Sad, really...

  • In reply to Steven Krage:

    @Steven: "The fact that you're furthering the segregation of American by pushing the inane 99% vs. 1% issue "

    The fact that you cavalierly bandy about a term like "segregation" -- which you use, in your feeble way, as a vile and disgusting attempt to suggest that the 1% of this nation's most rich and powerful are being put in a situtation similar to what disenfranchised, post-slavery blacks were -- is the epitome of desperation to use whatever slander you can devise to attack the 99% movement which seeks social and economic justice and fraternal egalitarianism. You are not a "humble conservative" but a shrill, hate speech producing egomanic who spits on a democractic movement, the goal of which is 1) the separation of politics and money, 2) direct involvement in the democractic process. If you cared AT ALL for our nation's RIGHT TO FREE SPEECH, then you SHOULD and MUST recognize that the Occupation movement is one which seeks to practice and uphold this right. Every batton blow and clank of the jail cell perpetrated against this overwhelmingly nonviolent movement is an attack on the Constitution of this country. How out of touch are you!!! You do not recognize that the 1% of this country (and many others) own the OVERWHELMING POWER AND WEALTH! That the wealth and benefits of the working people and the middle class have been shrinking by shocking percentages for decades while the wealth and power of the 1% have been exploding!? What the hell is wrong with you!? Go back to College of Dupage NOW and take a Sociology 101 class where you can learn some basic facts about power and wealth distibution. Take some time to learn something about social class mobility as well. Those who come from the 1% stay in the 1%, and those who come from the 99% almost always STAY in the 99%.

    "The 1% have worked for what they have, even if they've inherited it from generations back."

    What are going to defend next, the divine right of KINGS? No fool, most of the 1% who have vast heaps of money have it because the 99% did the labor and the 1% reaped the bounty. And what about all that money made from financialization? Or stolen on Wall Street? What about money made from bad loans and securities and insider trading? How dare you defend these criminals. These criminals tanked the economy. The caused a near depression and caused economic collapses all throughout the world. And if no-one steps up the call them out on their crimes, no one forces things to change, IT WILL ALL JUST HAPPEN AGAIN AND AGAIN.

    Are you so backwards and twisted you can't put your ego aside and stand with the 99% who have been hurt, attacked, and stolen from by the richest 1% in this country. You are a toady for the economic gangsters in this nation and all nations around the world. Congrats on being a reactionary shill for thieves, liars, gangsters, and criminals.

  • Ok, so I'm by no means a fan of this protest movement and I would probably share you're dislike for it but honestly I couldn't get past how you presented this. It's nothing more then a hate message. You advertise your work as "well-researched" but you only looked at this from one side then filled in the rest with snippy put downs.

    This wasn't informative, this wasn't well researched and this was by no means worth reading. Now, off I go to find some real article about the bad of Occupy Wall Street.

  • Holy beans Doc, is your keyboard smoking? I wasn't going to waste any time on this obviously sad, empty, broken little human being, but I am sure happy with the job you did. I salute you DocBenway, keep up the good work.

  • #wannabe shock-value #boring...
    aaaaaand your rhetoric is transparent, u just want to get people to actually read this terrible excuse for a website - the advertisements are simply terrible. #geocities
    you write:
    "The fact that they're male sheds a little light on their motives... What better way to impress chicks than putting their faces out there for a meaningless Liberal cause?"
    You seem repressed and think its relevant, but US weekly is so much better at it.
    Learn your craft. Land another internship.

  • "If they would all stop complaining and start truly using their "intelligent" minds, they would be able to find jobs and find ways to work within our system, instead of lobbying to change something that truly doesn't need to be changed!"

    So young, so clueless as to what is going on around you.

    At 55 the job market has abandoned me, told me I'm effectively useless. Career shifts, training, moving, none of that matters at this point. Plenty of part time minimum wage jobs out there for me, do the math, can't survive on that.

    Get back to me in 20/30 years after you've been weaned from your parents financial teats and have to make it on your own.

    A little common sense for you, an uptick in sales at McDonalds is not to be taken as a good thing. That means people are broke and trying to survive on the $1 meals.

    Do every one a favor, stick to writing about whatever is going on at whatever campus you are on. You have no real ability yet to comment beyond that world yet.

  • You know, you probably lost any and all empathy or agreement with your delivery. You come across as immature, prejudiced and irrational. Describing the protests as "weed-driven" is just silly and makes me think I'm reading a Colbert type post.

  • An unconvincing, re-manufactured Rush Limbaugh rant.

    Stick to summarizing OK! Magazine.

    PS: Michele Bachmann is a nutjob by the way

  • Steven, I'll support you on this if you set me up with some hot coeds at your college.

  • There is one clear, concise statement that almost everyone agrees… “Corporations are NOT People."

    The Federal Constitution of 1788 did not mention corporations.

    The most damaging is the 2010 Supreme Court's ruling in Citizens United v. Federal Election Commission.

    What I do not understand is a corporation by its structure can be partially or even, fully owned by a foreigner, a foreign corporation or even, another country and give, by the “Citizens United” ruling unlimited funds and undue, unjustly and excessively influence on our local, state and national elections.

    And by extension… legislation, taxation and governance.

    The reason general mass media is not stating the this simple message is because they are corporations.

    - TK

  • fb_avatar

    This movement is ridiculous. How has any of it been productive? It just seems like protesters trying to impress other protesters on how dedicated and outrageous they can become. Why is being arrested a badge of honor? I'm sorry the 99% feel they didn't win life's lottery. Life is just not fair! Why is this about money? Are the 99% blessed with family, friends, or maybe health? If you are, cherish these. You have ONE life, don't spend it worrying about what someone else earns, how they earn it, or who they give it to. Frankly, its none of your damn business! Lacking power? Learn ways to optimize your power potential! I would think destroying property, disobeying laws, degrading people based on their income, and COMPLAINING is not optimizing that potential. 99% need to get back to work, or get back to looking for work. How many 99% have made the gamble of starting a business and employing people? It would help. Its not impossible. Its just a LOT of work! If the effort of protesting was put into starting jobs, supporting jobs, and mentoring others on how to find a job we'd be farther along. Just one more perspective on O.W.S.

  • @Bigkat:

    "You have ONE life, don't spend it worrying about what someone else earns, how they earn it, or who they give it to."

    You are a blithering idiot.

    "Just one more perspective on O.W.S."

    Thanks for nothin' except expressing the fact that, whoever you are, you are part of the problem. There is a sucking pit of nothingness where empathy and intelligence normally reside in non- sociopaths and/or nincompoops.

  • fb_avatar
    In reply to DocBenway:

    Too bad you couldn't respond with something thoughtful. That took a lot of mental effort to throw out insults. Does that earn you respect in your group of friends? The people I talk to about issues enjoy challenging each other on their ideas. Oh well.

  • Let's take a selected look at the Author's Info:

    "I am a 20-year-old Republican with a flair for journalistic wit."

    Seriously? You are going to blow your own horn here? A "flair" for "journalistic wit?" What is seems you have a flair for is self aggrandizement.

    "I am a music major at College of DuPage and am loving every minute of it. My blog, The Life and Times of a Young Republican, not only includes politics but also current daily events, book/movie/play/opera/concert reviews, opinions, ideas, rants, lots of gossip, investigative articles and all sorts of other goodies!"

    Great. A hate filled republican base clarinetist. Man is your tune going to change when you finish your "degree" and you end up unemployed on the street (unless you are a trust fund baby, which, something tells me you are. You reek of unearned priviledge).

    "Also, be sure to follow my quirky, yet interesting, Tumblr account!"

    Quirky, yet interesting? Gross.

    "Steven Krage is a successful journalist.."

    Um, what did you say about self-aggrandizement aka blowing yourself? It is tacky and undignified.

    "...with an ever-popular blog..."

    Damn. "Ever-popular?" Give me a break. Amongst who, exactly? The right-wing wind section of the COD marching band?

    "...on ChicagoNow.com called The Life and Times of a Young Republican. The blog features talk about political commentary, celebrity gossip (including exclusive stories that he himself has broken..."

    The only thing you are capable of breaking is WIND.

    "...based on unique sources..."

    Foil hat wearing Fox News fanatics.

    "...interviews with celebrities (including Successimo's own January Jones), as well as book, movie and television reviews and critiques. His writing, while once being described as 'snarky' and 'vicious', has also been described as 'beautiful and lyrical' and "showing great talent'..."

    I would also like to suggest "poisonous hate-speech" and "pestulant steaming pile."

    "His recent theory on the life of opera singer Maria Callas has gained traction with many leading scholars"

    Other parent's basement dwelling bloggers...

    "He is currently studying Music and Journalism at College of DuPage in Glen Ellyn, Illinois. In addition to his writing ventures, he is also training to be an Opera Singer and Actor. He has recently appeared in productions of Neil Simon's The Odd Couple (Vinnie) and Woody Allen's Don't Drink the Water (Axel Magee.) He also recently appeared in College of Dupage's Opera Workshop production of Mozart Opera Scenes, as Figaro in Le Nozze di Figaro. He recently took part in an Acting Class, essaying the roles of Max Bialystock in Mel Brooks' The Producers, George in Edward Albee's Who's Afraid of Virginia Woolf?, 2nd Witch in Macbeth and sang "I'm Still Here" from Stephen Sondheim's Follies"

    The only thing I'd pay to see you enact would be self-immolation.

    "He is a Conservative Republican, member of the Tea Party, and is currently campaigning for Michele Bachmann for President in 2012!"

    Should read: He is a reactionary shill for the 1%, member of the Tea Baggers, and has unfullfillable sexual fantasies about Michele Bachmann -- Queen lunatic of the hopelessly stupid.

  • In reply to DocBenway:

    You can bash me personally all you want, just don't expect me to stoop down to your level and bash you back. I have every right to delete your comment, but I BELIEVE in the First Amendment. You can say every nasty thing you want, and I respect that. It takes a lot of gall to say things like what you said, despite them being terrible ad hominem attacks against me personally and every one being totally and undeniably false.
    And, by the way, I'm not an instrumentalist. I'm an opera singer. Just in case you have something snarky to say about that, I suggest you keep it to yourself. We don't need to hear any more.

  • @Steven: This is not a game. The Occupation movement is out there to change society and politics. Lives are at stake. People's futures are at stake. We see real and awful problems affecting our loved ones, comrades, and fellow workers. Do not think that you can write whatever lies you like about a political movement without a counter strike exposing your garbage ideas for what they are. Like our good friends at Annonymous, "We do not forgive. We do not forget. Expect us." If you choose to openly attack our movement with slanders, lies, exaggerations, and propaganda of the lowest sort -- and I distinguish between the above and reasoned, considered, well thought our critique, whether from the right, left, or center (NOT what you have done), which we encourage and desire -- then you expose yourself to the reality that your writings will forever be followed and critiqued by us for the rest of your days. When you say the things you said in your article -- telling us to leave the country, for s*** sake -- amongst everything else, you better believe have made some enemies. In essence, I think you are a little snot nosed kid that doesn't know jack s*** about working or what is happening in the world. Don't think you can slander and rip on masses and masses of people out there protesting in the streets without being called out as the reactionary twit you are.

  • fb_avatar

    Steven, you really should become more informed before you start spouting off bs about Occupy like this. I can barely even figure out where to begin criticism. Fortunately, most of what needed to be said has been said by the other commenters. Your message is hateful and untrue.

    What do you have against poor and middle class people speaking up for themselves? When you look back at the history of mankind for the past 3000 years or more, we have always had a "ruling class". Just because they are not Kings now, does not mean the elites don't still control everything. People are starting to realize that this is unnatural and counter to human nature. What you are witnessing is a mass awakening, thousands of years in the making.

    Try to look at the big picture here. What has been the most constant struggle on planet earth between men? Rich vs Poor. Welcome to the next chapter, friend.

  • fb_avatar

    Though it may be pointless to even mention it, I believe he's just letting the readers know where he stands, and what he believes in. I'm glad Doc left the comments (though somewhat uncalled for), as it started a fire for everyone else to feed the flames. But I will ask this of Doc: What do you think should be changed / done to our market system that gives more attention to all of those that are supposedly struggling because of our current market? Granted, I only read halfway down as I was getting sick from the spittle of bashing, but no matter what you do in a free market, there will always be someone out there that seeks more than he can reach for... sometimes illegally, which results in punishment (sometimes... I will admit there is corruption out there).

    From what I can gather, it sounds like many of you are favoring the idea of a Market Socialism... which is fine and dandy, but then why take insult when someone says, 'leave our country'? Places like China have this type of system under way, so why create a fuss about something, only to garner attention and power to yourself by declaring your ideals (but be careful, too much attention can lead to too much power, which can land you in a similar boat of the so-called 1%).

    Look, the bottom line is that Steven is expressing his 1st Amendment in a very peaceful manner, yet most of you rained acid down on him calling him 'immature' and telling him to 'go get a damn job'. Frankly, I'm glad he's not a penniless oaf sitting in the middle of a city park complaining how he can't get a job because he's sitting in that city park complaining... you get the point. Personally, as a Veteran of this country I'm glad that someone who isn't even 21 yet is taking a stance against the majority of college kids out that are taking sides with most of the comments on this thread. Sure, one day Steven may change his views as he matures, but atleast he shows more self control in his finger-lashings on the internet towards people who are maybe twice his age, but lack half the self-control.

    Kudos to those who responded against Steven in a civilized manner... as it's obvious many can't these days.

  • In reply to John Absinthe:

    @John: Why take insult when someone says, 'leave our country'? Places like China have this type of system under way.

    China provides no socialized university education, no socialized healthcare, no social security, etc. The money it takes from its workers it pumps into industry and development. The workers are horribly exploited. It is another 1% country which extracts surplus labor from its workers and redirects it up to the elites and businesses in the society. Instead of China being paradigmatic of what you call a "market socialism," theorists like Slavoj Zizek have suggested that China is a new, authoritarian form of capitalism. I while quote him at length here: "What's going on in China today is something very ominous. Here I disagree with liberals who say, wait for another ten years and we'll have another Tiananmen in China. I doubt it. Something genuinely new is emerging today in the guise of what are ridiculously called [capitalism with] 'Asian values,' authoritarian capitalism. A capitalism which, we can see now, is doing better in the crisis than the west. A capitalism that is more dynamic and efficient than our Western, liberal capitalism, but precisely as such functions perfectly with an authoritarian state. My pessimism is that this is the future."

    China is the exact opposite of what someone like me would want to see happen in this country. To suggest that I should leave the country and go to China is pure insanity, or pure insincerity on your part (I truly hope you know better and are just being a dick).

    Basic suggestions of what I would like to see: 1) separate politics and money, 2) bring direct democracy INTO the workplace [There are innumerable ways in which this can be done. Workers collectives are just one way...), 3) the institution of an unconditional universal basic income [which would eliminate other redistributive transfers such as general welfare, family allowances, unemployment insurance, tax-based old age pensions – since the basic income grant is sufficient to provide everyone a decent subsistence], 4) eliminate corporate personhood, and 5) universal healthcare and education.

    John, if you consider my stating that I am going to read and critique his writings until the day he dies, yes, I guess that is a threat. I am not going to let someone write lies and propaganda like he did without responding. If he writes hateful lies, then I will be scathing in my rhetoric. But I would think that most people associate "threats" with violence, and if you suggested I did that you are a asshole who didn't bother to read what I wrote very closely ["Granted, I only read halfway down"].

    "atleast he shows more self control in his finger-lashings on the internet towards people"

    Did you read what he wrote!? Fucking hate speech. You must be his dad or something. I think you are disingenuous in your questions so I am going to stop trying to answer them thoughtfully now.

  • In reply to DocBenway:

    Actually, I think you are probably one of his grandpas. You stated that you are a veteran, and he wrote in his article that "Both of my Grandpas served this country in the Army, making sure we would keep the Freedom that has made America so great!"

    Obviously he respects you, so here is what you should do: make sure he never watches Fox News again and doesn't listen to AM radio. That would be a major positive step for him. In the mean time, try to get him to stop writing hate speech screeds against popular movements which seek to hold criminal bankers who tanked the economy accountable.

    If you want to know who I am...I am th 99%, baby.

  • fb_avatar
    In reply to DocBenway:

    Okay, now why couldn't you respond with something of this tone in the first place? You would've gained a lot more merit for thinking on a more level-headed way, especially since you think his post was a lashing- however you decided not too.

    You've regained some respect by writing this response, until you got to the end. I'm too young to be a grandpa- i served two tours in Iraq and one in Afghanistan... however my grandfathers were on the beach of Normandy.

  • fb_avatar

    ...and Doc, c'mon, was is really necessary to threaten Steven in your last post? I didn't mind your first posting, but you lost all honor and and any respect that myself (and perhaps others) may have had for you for speaking out in the first place.

  • In reply to John Absinthe:

    @John: "Frankly, I'm glad he's not a penniless oaf sitting in the middle of a city park complaining how he can't get a job because he's sitting in that city park complaining... you get the point."

    Yeah, 1) you have no clue that most Occupiers are employed, hardworking people. I myself have protested many times with union employees; 2) you have no empathy for the unemployed, the downtrodden, and the worse off than yourself, which makes you a fucking asshole in my eyes; 3) you somehow think that practicing free speech in a communal fashion in a public space is less than honorable and less than desirable, which shows that you are not a very big fan of the first ammenment, nor the public exercise of free speech, and all I can ask is: HOW CAN YOU BE A VETERAN and call someone an "oaf" who uses the freedoms who fought for!? I guess you were fighting for the 1%, since it obviously wasn't the "penniless oafs" who have been fucked by the system. There is a seething pit of emptiness in your heart sir, and a sickening morass of lies in your head. I'd suggest you begin thinking about the the needs of the poor and hardworking people, the people shafted by the system, instead of standing up for the 1%, the corrupt, the greedy, the warmongers, the thieves, the sickeningly rich.

  • fb_avatar
    In reply to DocBenway:

    actually, I was unemployed for 10 months, though I decided to work hard, throw out a resume every which way I could, and landed a job as a fry cook. Since then, i've worked my way up to the ranks to a Research and Development Chef.

    Seeing how you've responded, it's obvious you have a very sick heart, and are just like many of the occupiers: just out there just to get back and blame people that really have no hand in their situation.

    Those Unions you speak so highly of injured, and threatened families of warehouse workers in our company... and get this, the ones threatening and hurting our employees didn't even work for us- they were hired by the Unions to terrorize us... all because 2 warehouse workers lost their job due to drinking on the job.

    You're proving yourself over and over to be a raging idiot who speaks before he thinks behind the cover of the internet on here... so I like BigKat's idea:

    > the 1% should stop behaving like children, both on the streets and on the internet < (ooooo... i'm sure this'll piss you off... that deep, dark hatred just SEETHING in your inner self. Oh, how that black sludge must be just oozing through your pores and you smash fingers on the keyboard responding to this post, instead of standing out on the street supporting your Occupiers). Tick-tock-tick-tock... the time is running out for the Occupiers, as it's getting a little nippy outside :)

    btw, my comrades and I, bother in and out of the service, think the 1% are a bunch of whiny little hippies that have decided not to try to work, and instead whine to the public that they're not getting they're way... just as many in the past have done.

  • fb_avatar
    In reply to John Absinthe:

    and for anyone reading this, we'll see if he catches on...

  • In reply to John Absinthe:

    "You're proving yourself over and over to be a raging idiot who speaks before he thinks behind the cover of the internet on here"

    Unless you provide me something concrete to discuss or argue, there is not much I can say. So you think I am a raging idiot. Well, okay. I guess we won't be going on any dates any time soon. What did you think of the stuff I wrote about China? What did you think of my suggestions for how to change society? Let's stick to concrete issues and ideas. The reason I sometimes blast individuals with silly semi-jokey semi-serious ad hominem attacks is that they haven't brought up real, concrete issues to discuss, and only made personal attacks themselves, so I blast them back to see how they like it. I prefer theoretical debate, so pick something I wrote and address it. The only thing I can say about your negative experience with unions is that there are good acts performed by unions and there have been not so good acts performed by unions. However, overall, I believe that unions are essential in defending individuals from the excesses and abuses of managament. I have my own criticisms of unions, in that I don't think most are nearly radical enough! That being said, I have often been a non-union employee and that has always put me in a powerless position in regards to management.

  • In reply to John Absinthe:

    @John: " I was unemployed for 10 months, though I decided to work hard, throw out a resume every which way I could, and landed a job as a fry cook."

    That being the case, I am bewildered how you can attack the un and underemployed as "penniless oafs."

    Yes, I also think the 1% are a bunch of whiny little hippies who have decided not to work, and whine to the public that they're not getting their way. I AGREE TOTALLY!! The 99% do all the work and the 1% take all the money and then take a big steaming shit on the heads of the 99%. See, you're not such a bad guy! (Except I suspect that what you wrote was a typo and you were meaning to rip on the 99%, the masses and masses of good, working people in society. In that case, you are like a good slave, who licks that hand of your master for throwing you a scrap or two from the gluttonous table from which they feast. BACK TO THEIR FIELDS, SLAVE!! Don't complain, work!! Make money for your master! Stay in your place! Don't question your masters!)

  • fb_avatar

    Actually, since Steven is so open to telling us who he is, perhaps Doc could shed light on his current status, and his past? We could all sit down and study his background and determine if any of his rantings deserver merit.

  • Nice post Steven. I can't stand Occupiers. Now if anyone wants to badger me for saying that go right ahead.

    Bickering and name calling is what liberals do best

  • In reply to Peter Skiadopoulos:

    @Peter: I'd badger you but I have a feeling that your lack of intelligence is already punishment enough, and therefore I'll leave you alone. Like a little tiny fish, I'm going to throw you back...

  • fb_avatar
    In reply to DocBenway:

    @DocBenway: I'd badger you but I have a feeling that your lack of intelligence is already punishment enough, and therefore I'll leave you alone. Like a little tiny fish, I'm going to throw you back...

    Wow, doesn't sound so big and mighty, now does it? :p

  • fb_avatar

    This is fun. Let's see what this button does: Why do some assume that the 99% were f$%*ed by the system? Maybe they were f$%*ed by THEIR life choices.
    By the way, as a member of a union, first hand experience is that they could care less about their members when push comes to shove. They enjoy their power and money like any lobbyist or corporation.
    Like I said before. Life is NOT fair, no matter how we try, power and money in anyone's hands has the potential to corrupt. I just am glad we live in a country where we are free. We just need a bit more moral fortitude.

  • @BigKat: "We just need a bit more moral fortitude."

    I completely and totally DISAGREE that the problem is a moral one. The problem is not that the 1% are immoral, the problem is not that there are sociopaths in power, the problem is not that we all need Christ, the problem is not that we need civic lessons: the problem is systemic, in that it is encoded in our laws and in an economic system which valorizes and demands bottom-line greedy behavior. It is illegal for individuals in a corporation to do anything with the assets of that corporation which are not for the sole purpose of increasing revenue. It is the legal mandate of a corporation to only make money, and everything else be damned. If a corporation donates money to a charity, it is only legal of it can be proven that the postive advertising of that donation may lead to additional revenue. Corporations of the dominant institutions of our society. How can we hope to survive when our dominant institutions only exist to such in money at whatever cost? That is why changes in the LAWS are necessary. If a CEO tries to do anything other than make more money per quarter, he or she will be fired. The institution is monsterous. That person's intitution role is monsterous. Like Chomsky once pointed out, the intitutional role of slavery is monsterous, though the people in those roles may have been regular people: caring for their families, loving, etc., but as inhabiting the role of slave owner, they were monsters, and the private morals of the individual in those roles were meaningless. You could have a CEO who is a good, kind, ethical person, caring about the environment, etc., but as CEOs they are legally bound to act in monsterous ways.

    I will again quote Zizek: "Remember. The problem is not corruption or greed. The problem is the system. It forces you to be corrupt. Beware not only of the enemies, but also of false friends who are already working to dilute this process. In the same way you get coffee without caffeine, beer without alcohol, ice cream without fat, they will try to make this into a harmless, moral protest. A decaffienated protest."

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