Mother’s Day Is Around the Corner Time to Start Creating

Mother’s Day Is Around the Corner Time to Start Creating

With Mother’s Day around the corner, there is finally a way to  turn your photos into postcards, greeting cards, and beautiful presents. You can do this straight from your phone, desktop or tablet. It’s an easy and spontaneous way to send messages thoughtful notes and gifts to friends and family all over the world. It also lasts much longer than a text message.

TouchNote is a mobile app that has helped send over 10 million postcards since launching in 2008. How cool and unexpected will it be for grandma to receive a physical card from her grandchildren.


Users can also easily turn beautiful photography into postcards, greeting cards, photo books, canvases and gallery frames – all done directly from a phone.  Don’t worry about the trip to the post office, TouchNote will take care of that. With distributors all over the world, masterpieces will reach their destination within just a few days.

TouchNote is super easy to use:

1) download the app (it’s free!)

2) upload a photo (or a few)

3) create a card, photo book or framed photo

4) upload your contacts and hit send! (user pays for the postcard and postage)

Creating and sending a tangible card or gift for Mother’s Day will also help settle any anxiety that you have over missing specific people and family memories. This app will allow you to engage Mother’s day with less stress and more meaning.

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