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2011 Honor Awards Best Choreography  Kevin Bellie:  “Urinetown,” Circle Theatre Jim Corti:  “The Original Grease,” American Theatre Company Mike Ford:  “Corazon de Manzana,” Mortar Theatre Steven Hoggett: “Black Watch,” Chicago Shakespeare’s World Series, National Theatre of Scotland – WINNER Nicole Pellegrino: “Spring Awakening,” Griffin Theatre Best Musical Direction  Austin Cook: “Putting It Together,” Porchlight Theatre... Read more »

"Short Shakespeare: The Taming of the Shrew" (Chicago Shakes): Rockwell Crushes It!

#43. Ninety minutes with no intermission is a growing trend in the theatre industry.  Playwrights are adapting new plays for an attention-span-challenged world.  People want information in tweet size nuggets.   Everyone, at all times, is expecting a very important call or text.  They can’t be off the grid for any length of time. So, how... Read more »

"Petrified Forest" (Strawdog Theatre): Rooted in a lot of Scary Woulds

"Petrified Forest" (Strawdog Theatre): Rooted in a lot of Scary Woulds
#44.  Anyone who has ever waited tables knows the pain of a boring shift.  The clock slowly ticks it down.  You fantasize that the next customer is going to: leave a whopping tip,   sweep you off your feet, blow the place up or all of the above.  You just want something to change everything.... Read more »

"The Fisherman" (Stage Left Theatre): Casts Line Into Shark Pool

#42. I always knew when my dad had been fishing.  He smelled like pipe tobacco and bass.  There were leftover old-fashion doughnuts on the kitchen counter and fish for dinner.  And life was good. Stage Left Theatre presents the world premiere of The Fisherman.  The Twins are losing.  The carp are biting.  The beer is cooling.  For... Read more »

"Fulton Street Sessions" (TUTA Theatre Chicago): Party with Plenty of Innovation!

"Fulton Street Sessions" (TUTA Theatre Chicago):  Party with Plenty of Innovation!
#41.  My favorite part of the movie “Rachel Getting Married” is the minstrels.  In a household dealing with a sister getting wed and one getting sober, this folksy band add ongoing musical interludes.   It’s a group of jovial friends playing instruments on the porch, in the house, by the tent.  Despite all the crazy... Read more »

Off Book chats with Chicago Shakes, Lifeline and much more!

Today, Chicago Theatre Off Book is reviewing exciting offerings at The Hypocrites, Lifeline Theatre and Chicago Shakespeare Theater.   In addition, we chat with Lifeline’s Playwright Chris Hainsworth and Chicago Shakes’ Casting Director Bob Mason.   And of course, we have two new Got A Minute? segments from local playwrights. Plus, don’t forget to mark your calendar for the 2011 Honor Awards PARTY, February 28th, 8pm-10pm at The Oracle Theatre,... Read more »

London's Globe to Globe Festival: WORLD PARTY!

I’m not a huge fan of the olympics.  Countries competing against each other to see who is the best?!  Isn’t that what we have wars for?  For years, I’ve been trying to garner support for my World Party concept.  The World Party would be a place and time when representatives from different countries come together... Read more »

"A Catered Affair" (Porchlight Theatre): Mother of the Bride Captivates!

"A Catered Affair" (Porchlight Theatre):  Mother of the Bride Captivates!
#40.  Weddings are a lot of work.  Multiple variables can ruin the whole thing.  Wedding coordinators are hired to deal with the mundane and unexpected.  Their role is to keep it beautiful and special, no matter what. If they are good at their job, no one ever even knows there was an unpleasant moment. Unfortunately, marriages... Read more »

"Dating Walter Dante" (Raven Theatre): Suspected Killer Meets Girl Love Story

"Dating Walter Dante" (Raven Theatre):  Suspected Killer Meets Girl Love Story
#39. Right out of college, my friend Mary started dating this guy.  He was in his forties, divorced, unemployed and delinquent in his child support payments. And worse to me, he just gave off a weird vibe. I didn’t understand her attraction.  And I certainly didn’t trust him.  I was working for the Public Defender’s office... Read more »

"Shakespeare's R & J" (Idle Muse Theatre): Acting Out in School to Perfection!

#38.  I went to parochial schools for sixteen years. Conformity was the lesson taught by the nuns with the optional extra-curricular Catholic guilt.  We wore uniforms.  Our button-down shirts could only have the top button undone.  Guys’ trousers could not have back pockets.  The girls had a little more flexibility.  They could choose between blue... Read more »