Pittsburgh Steelers Outside Linebacker James Harrison Gives Back Sons Trophies

Wow…you certainly don’t read about parental behavior like Steelers James Harrison recently exhibited regarding the participation trophies his son’s received. In fact…it is much more common to see, hear, and read about circumstances where not enough is GIVEN to kids (as well as the “bad”  behavior, parental and athlete, we consistently read about).

What…exactly…was Harrison’s behavior?

On his Instagram account Harrison posted a lengthy message with a picture of two participation trophies his son’s had received for playing sports. His message…that he was not happy with them receiving trophies for simply playing a sport…participation trophies.

Probably best to read his comments verbatim:

Steelers’ James Harrison strips kids of non-winning participation trophies

Now…as a parent…I am not EXACTLY sure how I would have handled the same scenario…BUT there is no doubt my feelings fall right in line with Mr. Harrison here. Simply put…entitlement attitudes are in direct opposition to one’s attempts to reach their true, full potential…as an athlete AND as a person. The more we can move toward the concepts of earning what we get rather than expecting it…the better.

Me…I think James Harrison has it pretty well figured out here.

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