Bill Brady, Vouchers, Charter Schools, and Recruiting High School Athletes: A Problem or Solution???


With the Illinois elections nearly upon us, it behooves us take a look at one likely change that a particular candidate would certainly bring to the table if elected. It is my understanding that Bill Brady is in favor of school vouchers and charter schools for Illinois. At the very least, he does support the idea.

For those unaware of such a system, vouchers are government grants which parents can use toward the school of their choice for their son or daughter, whether public or private. They no longer would be required to attend the school that lies within their district boundaries. In fact, I am not sure district boundaries would have much meaning under a system like this.

With regard to charter schools, these are educational institutions at the elementary or secondary levels that receive public monies and are not bound by some of the rules and regulations associated with traditional public schools.

There is a little more to both definitions above; however, that information does not necessarily help much regarding the following question, and subsequent poll. And that question is whether moving to a system of vouchers and/or charter schools will have an impact on sports programs, especially at the high school level – namely recruiting.

Put your two cents in on this topic through the poll provided below or use the comment section at the bottom of this piece. In using the comment section, supporting your thought process with some discussion is always helpful.

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