Chicago Naked Bike Ride 2011

It’s [questionably] springtime here in Chicago and that can only mean one thing…our cycling friends are out in full force. Now normally you’d see some spandex-clad training along the lake, or hipsters on fixies zipping in and out of traffic throughout the loop. But on Saturday night a special kind of bike event pedaled its way throughout the streets of Chicago.

The 8th annual World Naked Bike Ride took over the Windy City with more than 1,000 cyclists, roller skaters and skateboards in tow. Yes, you read that right. More than a thousand people, stripped down and held up traffic showing the amazing force of being “ass-powered.”

It was quite a thing to witness…


Once again, the ride celebrated the beauty in each participating
individual as well as “Oil-Free, People Powered” modes of transportation. It’s quite timely considering that gas prices are at $4.69/gal–the very same gas station during last year’s ride was at $3.29/gal just after the BP oil spill. Doesn’t that make the thought of riding your bike [with or without clothes] suddenly feel much more inviting?

But the misty rain at the start and temperatures in the mid-upper 50’s were simply not enough to deter the mass of riders from partaking in 14 miles of nekkid awesomeness through some of the city’s most high-traffic areas like Michigan Avenue [affectionately dubbed the “Nude Mile”], Clark & Division, Wrigleyville, Six Corners and Boystown. On second thought…with such chilly temps for June, perhaps it would be important to note that this was also a celebration of shrinkage–sorry boys. But don’t worry–no judgments were made. Promise.

the event clearly states “naked”–clothing is entirely optional.
Everyone dressed to their comfort level…some people paraded around
just as they were born into this world [woohoo! everyone loves a good
naked person!], some displayed their artistic side with inspiring body paint or
designs in tape, and others took a more modest approach with
strategically placed clothing and costumes.

The Chicago edition of the ride is actually one of 29 rides that took place in the U.S. this weekend…and if you can believe it, there were more than 32 countries participating around the globe.

After running around the city to catch the ride in three different places, one guy actually
circled back around the block begging me to not put his photo online.
Really dude? I can see your junk. And I totally appreciate you sharing it with me and the rest of the Chicago and I want you to know that I support your message. But if you don’t want the world to
experience your manhood, just put on a mask….or maybe some underwear? Trust me…compared to some of the folks out there you have nothing to worry about and should just rock out with your…well, you get the picture.

Looking back upon the event, I think I may be one of the few people who can now actually make the claim I’ve seen two naked guys change a flat tire. Needless to say, I’ve reached my quota of wangs and lady parts for quite some time.

But I do have a more pressing question…just how on earth did the guys avoid chaffing on their special man bits?! Ouch!


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  • I had a couple close calls of man-bit chafing. We'd get so slow at unexpected times that I had to "hop" off my saddle a few times. My bike is 28" and at 6' that's just a bit too tall to put my feet down while still sitting. The pain was short lived. :-)

    Also, could the brahs in pic #14 get at me! We spent a good portion of the ride together, including the staging at the beginning, and I lost them at the end.

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  • EEW! You know that sure made for some grody, stinky, sticky bicycle seats! YUCK! Next time how about a naked run, or a naked roller blade please?

  • In reply to zombiesoozingflesh:

    Heheheee. :) There were a handful of naked skate boarders and roller skaters out there, too!

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