The Willis Tower Skydeck is Calling All Martins

Calling all “Martins” in Chicago!


This Monday, January 17th, in honor of Martin Luther King Jr. Day, if your name is Martin…or if your middle name is Martin…or heck, even if your last name is Martin…you’ve got yourself a free visit to the Skydeck at the Sears Willis Tower.

That’s right. This Monday, all Martins get free admittance to the Skydeck for some of the most impressive views of our city, 103 stories about street level.

And who knows who you may find at the top of the tower enjoying free access right along you…Martin Short…Steve Martin…Martin Lawrence…Martin Sheen….Ricky Martin…Kelly Martin…Dean Martin…or even Martin Scorsese. Okay, so that’s all wishful thinking…but hey, it could happen!

And when you’re at the top of the tower, hanging over the sky deck, I double dog dare you to pump your fist in the air and proclaim “Donna Martin Graduates!” [bonus points for everyone who caught the 90210 reference.]

To get your super awesome free access to the Willis Tower Skydeck on Monday, simply show a valid ID with your name “Martin” and picture at the ticket counter.

But don’t pout if your folks didn’t name you Martin [I can’t imagine an overabundance of folks named Martin out there, last year it was the 234th most popular boys name, afterall]…the Skydeck is offering more free namesake days all throughout the winter! Those named Patrick get access on St. Patty’s Day [Mar. 17th]…and if you’re named Abraham/Abe or even Lincoln, get access on Lincoln’s birthday [Feb. 12th]!


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