Belgian Beer Tasting at the Chicago French Market's Frietkoten

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Beer lovers unite and start your weekend early! Frietkoten at the Chicago French Market is hosting a Belgian beer and fry tasting this Thursday night (8/5) from 4:30 until 7:30 (131 N. Clinton).

For just $15 (at the door), you get to sample 6 different Belgian beers from their menu and indulge in the awesomely delicious hand cut Belgian fries–modeled after the popular “fry shacks” in Amsterdam. Some of the beers on the sampling menu include Avril Biere de Table, Two Brothers Prairie Path, Urthel Saisonniere Ale, Blanche De Bruxelles and DeKoninick Ale (try saying all those five times fast!).


And in true tradition, you get your selection of sauces for your fries

–and Frietkoten offers more than 20 different types. As part of the tasting event, you’ll receive a ketchup, a mayo and then one sauce of your choice like sweet chili ketchup, cheese queso, sweet & sour ketchup, curry mayo, red pepper ketchup, green tomato & chili mayo, harrisa mayo, wasabi mayo and ranch. If you’ve never tried true Belgian fries before, you are missing out big time, my friend.

Somewhere in the back of my mind, I’m having visions of people dunking their fries into mayonnaise…and the Pulp Fiction scene with Vincent and Jules playing out…


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  • I love the curry mayo, but the truffle mayo with the fries make it extra special. Yum!

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