Tax Slackers Get Rockstar Treatment Today!


Yeah, you know exactly who you are and what you’ve done.

Months ago you received your W2 in the mail. And then you let it collect dust on your shelf. Just admit it. You got lazy. You forgot. Your dog ate it. You’re terrified that you owe the government a number with a comma in it. Whatever your reason, don’t get yourself too worked up over missing the Tax Day Deadline (at least not yet).

Because guess what…today is your lucky day!!

The awesome folks at Rockstar CPA are here to help pick up your slack with some rockstar-worthy treatment.

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Today, Rockstar CPA is setting up camp at Small Bar (2049 W. Division) from noon until Midnight. No, not for a day of drinking, but rather a day of helping all you panic-stricken slackers of Chicago who forgot to file your taxes. 

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Don’t get dinged with avoidable fees for submitting your taxes past April 15th. Get help from Rockstar CPA to secure an extension!

Free to anyone who needs it, Rockstar CPA will hook you up with a filing extension (and no, they will not sell you anything in the process). All it takes is five minutes of your time and you need to know your name, address, social security number, birthday and have a valid email address (for confirmation purposes)–and lets face it, if you don’t know this information about yourself, you’ve got far bigger problems than needing a tax extension. 

Writer’s Note: It’s probably in your best interest to iron out your extension before you dive into Small Bar’s impressive list of draft and bottled beers. Enjoying a myriad of libations before securing your extension could result in the memory loss of your name, address, social security number, birthday and email…which sort of defeats the purpose of you stopping by. Just sayin’…

This totally awesome extension buys you an extra 6 months to file, making your new deadline October 15th. This is especially helpful for folks who have learned that they owe and don’t have the money to pay right now–according to Martin Kamenski, President of Rockstar CPA, “filing for an extension on your taxes instantly removes any penalties and making an estimated payment toward that balance and usually eliminate a lot of the interest.”

And when the Resident Tax Rockstar Team isn’t busy helping folks get an extension, they’ll be answering questions for those of us brave enough to tackle taxes on our own and posting advice and responses on the Craigslist Tax Forum board.

When I asked Martin just why he was taking time out of his insanely busy day to help strangers secure a tax extension for free, here’s what he had to say…

“I went into tax work so I could save people from paying the government more than they owe. And penalties for not filing on time are just the absolute worst. Totally avoidable.” – MK

Clearly, not only are these folks nice, but what they’re doing is pretty freakin’ awesome.

So after you’ve gotten your ducks in a row, be sure to head out and celebrate your awesome extension with a night on the town

Rockstar CPA is Chicago’s premier accounting firm serving individual and business clients in the creative and entertainment industries. With clients from coast to coast, they offer industry-specific advice to clients ranging from the emerging to the internationally known. Martin Kamenski is a Certified Public Accountant, is President of Rockstar CPA, Managing Director of Collaboraction Theater Company, and sits on the Board of Directors of Matter Dance Company, Sweet Relief, and the Global Alliance of Artists.

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