It's National GoTopless Day!

Why should we be subject to this man with his shirt off?
If you find yourself out at North Avenue Beach today, you may end up seeing more than you bargained for just the annual air and water show. Because believe it or not, today is actually National GoTopless Day! Sponsored by, the organization aims for equal topless rights for all or none. Yes boys, you... Read more »

The Game: intentionally ambiguous, intriguingly awesome

Exploring Chicago has never been as entertaining or as fun until now. No trolleys or boats or ridiculous fees required. And it’s perfect for both locals and tourists alike…without having to deal with unrelenting crowds and snooze-worthy tour guides. I’m talking about The Game, which launches TODAY here in Chicago. No, not the bizarre Michael... Read more »

Making the Most of August

Believe it or not, but there’s only one month left of summer. Le sigh. Before we know it, the marathon will have come and gone, we’ll be knee deep in snow and bitching about the unrelenting winter. This summer has been a hot one loaded with humidity, storms and while I personally can’t wait for... Read more »

Triathlons: They're not just for "Big Kids" anymore.

Need inspiration?
Earlier today, my husband and I witnessed what was arguably one of the most awesome things in a long time–a triathlon that will stay close to my heart for quite some time. Which is saying a lot considering how involved we are in the sport. In the wee hours of the morning, we headed down... Read more »

Tragically Awesome Shoes - 2011 Fall Fashion

Considered tame compared to some of the other kicks shown, the Sam Edelman Lorissa heels are designed for the fierce woman. Though I'd be wary of going home with any woman who sports these heels as there is likely to be a questionable S&M fetish lurking in her shoe closet.
In today’s edition of Tragically Awesome, we are taking a look at the ever-popular deliciously guilty pleasure of shoes. Well, popular guilty pleasure for most women…myself not included. I would be quite content wearing my flip flops and running shoes from now until eternity. But as all of the fall 2011 designer fashions have been... Read more »

No Power? No Problem! Things to do when the lights go out.

In light of all of the recent crazy storms, odds are you’ve probably found yourself sitting in the dark, stressing over all those fresh groceries in the fridge at least once over the past few weeks. And with more strong storms and hot weather on the horizon, we’re bound for another epic deluge and a... Read more »

Countdown to Harry Potter

Countdown to Harry Potter
We’re just days away from the final installment of everyone’s favorite wizard on the silver screen and millions of people are finding ways to recreate a decade of magical awesomeness in anticipation of the series’ epic culmination. Everything from staging Quidditch tournaments to jamming out to Wizard Wrock–yes, both are real things–are the prelude to... Read more »

Ten Great Tastes You Won't Find at the Taste of Chicago

Sushi leaving you with a fishy taste in your mouth? Why not give Frushi from Orange With A Peel a try! Made with fresh fruit with coconut rice, frushi is the perfect start to your breakfast and is vegan-friendly to boot!
Follow @RunningJayhawk to keep tabs on all That’s Awesome! I make it no secret among my friends just how much I detest the Taste of Chicago. While I think the concept is pretty cool, the thought of cramming tens of thousands of people in a small space as they gorge themselves on traditionally unhealthy, overpriced... Read more »

A Lakefront Trapeze? Yes, Please!

Follow @RunningJayhawk to keep tabs on all That’s Awesome! Those of you who frequent the Belmont Harbor corridor may have recently noticed some changes. Namely ladders and nets and all sorts of high flying cables. It all looks like it could be a training camp for the ill-fated Spiderman: The Musical on Broadway. But in... Read more »

Chicago Naked Bike Ride 2011

Follow @RunningJayhawk to keep tabs on all That’s Awesome! It’s [questionably] springtime here in Chicago and that can only mean one thing…our cycling friends are out in full force. Now normally you’d see some spandex-clad training along the lake, or hipsters on fixies zipping in and out of traffic throughout the loop. But on Saturday... Read more »