College Basketball vs. the NBA - It's not even close

March Madness is really something, isn’t it? You get root
your ace off for some team you have never
seen play before. Cool beans. And of course, the last second finishes are too
cool for school. Unfortunately, we only get that once a year.

duke sucks.jpg

The problem with college basketball is that most of the time
it’s so unbelievably boring, it’s basically unwatchable. This year’s most popular
player, Jimmer Fredette, looks to be a long shot to make it big in the pros. Great
name, though. I love yelling pass it to

Meanwhile, the NBA is quietly becoming excellent again, just
like it was in the mid-90’s when there were a slew of big-time superstars in
the league, and they were likeable.
The NBA’s two biggest stars of the 90’s, MJ and Shaq, were starring in their
own movies. While Shaq’s few films weren’t hits, MJ’s Space Jam was a huge

I don’t think D-Rose or Dwight Howard will be lighting up
the silver screen anytime soon, but the game itself is beginning to turn back
the clock.

I love what the Miami Heat has done to the NBA. They’ve
given us a villain. People love to see them lose and get beat up the way the 90’s
loved to see Pat Riley’s Knicks lose. While we need our likeable guys like Rose
and Howard, we just as much need our villains like the Heat’s Big 3. LeBron
James and Dwayne Wade are Lex Luthor and the Joker, and since Chris Bosh sucks
really hard, he is a crappy, weak villain, such as the Catwoman. Definitely

 I find myself
watching random non-Bulls NBA games all the time again. I haven’t done that in
at least 8 years.

I never watch random college basketball games, at least not
in several years. The sport needs the Duke’s and the North Carolina’s to be
loaded with lottery picks. I was watching some ESPN Classic games recently with
the 90’s Tar Heel teams with Jerry Stackhouse and Rasheed Wallace. Good gravy.
That was legit. Then I watched the early 2000’s Duke teams with Lu Deng, Elton
Brand and Booze Crooze. It was beautiful. It was like how watching college
football is now. We were watching the future stars of the next level.

Who even plays for Duke this year? Buncha nobodies.

The NCAA tourney is appealing because of the upsets. That’s
it. Donesauce.

Can the NBA get back to where it was with MJ, Magic and Bird
back in the day? YES. The league is on its way there, but a couple things need
to happen. Rose needs to bring some titles to Chicago (which could happen
sooner rather than later). Howard needs to get the hell out of Orlando and get
himself to an NBA city that matters, like, uhh, well, Chicago would be nice 😉

Can the NCAA get back to being a big draw during the regular
season? Sure, but the NCAA needs to grow some magumbos and instill a rule where
players have to stay in college at least
2 years, preferably 3. Without that, given the choice of a top notch regular
season college basketball game or a rerun of Always Sunny, every day of the
week I’ll be pulling up a chair to Paddy’s Pub.

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