Chicago's Giant Shamrock Shake

The other day I had my very first Shamrock Shake. I’ve avoided this beverage for a long time, but recently I was provided with a free opportunity to try it and I wasn’t exactly allowed to say no. I took a big sip and…was very pleasantly surprised! There was a perfect combination of vanilla and mint and it didn’t taste remotely like the toothpaste flavor I had imagined it would be. I was able to see with McDonald’s new cups that it wasn’t an unnatural green color, but had a perfect swirly combination of light green and white and had a tasty cherry on top of a bed of whipped cream. I was officially addicted.


Me and the giant Shamrock Shake!

And just when I thought I was heaven, I learned that Chicago was hosting a giant Shamrock Shake right on the banks of the Chicago River. I had the opportunity to grab an up close sneak peek at it today and learned that it is exactly to scale as the regular shake but 48 times the normal size!! The shake itself inside of the cup looked comfy enough to cuddle up in for the night and have a perfect view of the Chicago River dying in the morning. Alas, there is full time security to keep both people and pigeons out. You’ll have to keep an eye out for it tomorrow morning down at the parade, the shake is positioned on lower Michigan and Wacker.


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  • This is awesome!

  • Mmmmmmmmm, artificially flavored river....:) I kid, those milkshakes rock my world!

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