Gratitude and Appreciation More Than Words—An Energetic Upgrade

Gratitude and Appreciation More Than Words—An Energetic Upgrade

With Thanksgiving fast-approaching (you’d think it was Christmas with the trees for sale outside of my local grocery store, but the commercial rush is a whole other blog), gratitude becomes a hot topic this time of year.

We often speak of gratitude in terms of being thankful for all of the positives in our life, both materially and emotionally.

While this type of acknowledgement is extremely important every day not simply during the week of Thanksgiving, I’d like to highlight a few, perhaps “out there” to some as my husband would say, but becoming more the norm for many, aspects of gratitude that reflect the soul to soul perspective.

First, it is vitally important that we recognize gratitude and appreciation not simply as nice platitudes, but as actual high energy states of being.

Gratitude is energy with a capital E!

As we come to see the Universe and everything in it as energy, we begin to pay much more attention to our own energetic input and output with the realization that WE are shaping moment-to-moment our present and future reality.

In this light, feeling gratitude—and I do mean feeling gratitude not thinking gratitude—raises our vibration energetically and actually heightens all interactions, choices and life experiences into an elevated range of possibilities.

The same is true for deep feelings of joy, love, empowerment, and compassion. These are not simply words, but a way of BEING that literally changes the energetic vibration of everything that we think, say, and do, greatly affecting what we experience in the outer world.

As always, the soul to soul perspective emphasizes that the interior leads to the exterior, not vice versa. In other words inner gratitude leads to external reasons to be grateful, inner joy leads to external reasons to be joyful, and inner peace leads to external reasons to feel peace.

Thanksgiving is a good time to view gratitude in a new way. This year make it a priority to move beyond thankfulness as we traditionally think of it and move into feeling thankful deep inside—in the intimate soul space that is ours and ours alone to cherish and acknowledge as the most blessed and impenetrable aspect of who we really are.

Learn to discern the difference in thinking gratitude and feeling gratitude. I promise, you won’t be disappointed.

In fact, once the distinction is made within your own being between a high energetic frequency and a dimmed energetic frequency, your personal vibration will become your most valued, protected and appreciated asset, never to be carelessly dismissed, taken for granted or left unacknowledged again…

I wish all of my dear readers a SOULful and glorious Thanksgiving!

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