22 Life Hacks for 2022

By Zondra Hughes, Six Brown Chicks

Stay alive and thrive. Here are 22 life hacks for 2022, for your mind, body, soul and bank account.

1. Find your HAPPY.

When was the last time you did something that made you happy? Inspire yourself; it’s time to think about your needs.

2. Fight the gaslight.

The internet is an echo chamber; read something outside of your social network bubble. There’s a whole world out there with varying opinions and experiences that may open your mind.

3. Make new connections.

Join online groups and real-life organizations that interest you.

4. Read a book.

Discover a new author–or become one.

5. Sharpen your survival skills.

What will you do if the power shuts off? Do you have a backup plan if your internet/phone service is interrupted? The prepper community have the answers you seek. There’s a great prepper community on Reddit, join it (it’s free!) and you can learn survival skills that may save your life.

6. Declutter your living space.

You can’t live your best life under a mountain of junk. Sell the good stuff you don’t need. Donate the gently used stuff you don’t want. Throw away the junk. Turn that extra space into your prayer room or sanctuary.

7. Create your vision board.

 “Everything you want must be written on your vision board, in a well-thought out manner, with plain, blocked letters.” Steve Harvey says. Consider your vision board your road map that shows you how to be truly successful.

8. Learn a new skill.

YouTube creators offer free video courses for everybody and everything from cake decorating to wig-making. Give YouTube University a try.

9. Monetize your talent.

What is the one thing that people ask you to do for them? Start charging for it.

10. Entrepreneurs, be flexible.

For example, if your restaurant is facing a shutdown, partner with a food truck and operate it right out front. Learn how to deliver your services in a different way.

11. Stop automated payments for services/apps you no longer use.

12. Sell or donate your old ‘skinny clothes.

Truthfully, if your favorite skirt has been in the back of your closet waiting for you to lose weight to fit it again–for 5 years or more–just sell it, sis. Let someone else rock it.

13. Support a small business.

Successful small businesses improve your community, and may generate new opportunities for you.

14. Visit the dentist.

With (nearly) everyone masked up, now is the best time to take care of any dental issues. Also, an infected tooth can lead to other health issues. Local dental colleges also offer quality, supervised work for a fraction of the cost.

15. Visit the eye doctor.

The uptick in screen time has wreaked havoc on our eyesight during the pandemic. Get a vision screen.

16. Adopt healthy habits.

Most of us have gained weight after two years of this pandemic, so now is the best time to do something about it. Visit your doctor for tips. Start small. Stay committed. Reclaim your health.

17. Seek help for addiction.

Opioid addiction, alcohol addiction, sex addiction, food addiction, and game addiction, have all increased during the pandemic. Seek professional help today, not tomorrow.

18. End bad relationships.

The liars, abusers and users who take from you and never give back should not be in your life in 2022.

19. Go on a road trip.

Visit a long-distance relative or friend. Check on them. Let them check on you. Make new memories together, safely and responsibly.

20. Host game night with the kids.

Years from now, they may not remember their favorite TikTok video, but they will remember the night they beat you in Monopoly. Trust.

21. Practice SELF-CARE.

Spa day. Foot massage. New hairstyle. A full night’s rest. You deserve it all, and the benefit of a self-care routine cannot be disputed. Treat yourself.

22. Find your spiritual core.

The three aspects of human spirituality are relationships, values and life purpose. Find your spiritual core.

Here’s to a prosperous, healthy, and positive 2022. 🙂

Zondra Hughes is a digital storyteller, bestselling author and creator of Six Brown Chicks Media. Connect with her on Twitter @ZondraHughes.

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