A Comeaux: Love Letter To My Future

A Comeaux: Love Letter To My Future
All photos by Bravin B.

By A Comeaux 

 Editor’s note: From the belly of the riots of Minneapolis, A Comeaux envisions a future filled with love. Here’s her poem/prayer, a Love Letter to My Future.

his heart will flutter in a new way when he sees me.

he doesn’t know me or know why but he’s pulled to me.
my reflection.
he’ll respond to my obedience to accept his introduction.
he’s safe. & a warrior.
who loves my Blackness & works for our collective liberation.
he’s brilliant in some ways.
& yet he seeks more knowledge.
more compassion. more adventures.
he smiles.
at me, at life, at himSelf.
he beams a little when i enter the space, especially when i’m already on his arm.

his energy speaks for him.

Photo: Bravin B.

Photo: Bravin B.

he protects me with his actions,
when his phone rings, when he’s with the guys, his family or amongst our friends.
he’s not afraid to admit i’m his one.
he trusts himSelf, the god within,
to guide his choices from his highest consciousness.
that’s where we meet.
here is where we thrive.
smitten. elevated. liberated & aligned.
he will teach me things.
show me new ways of living
& grow with me.
he will salute my shine.
encouraging me to be big,
sure & affirmed in mySelf.
he won’t be more comfortable if i shrink.
he never, ever wants me to shrink for him, love, others or my fears.
he tells me this if i happen to forget.

he reminds me of my greatest Self.

Photos: Braving B

Photos: Braving B

i write him love letters poems & posts.
i write his name on my alter praying his safety & potential be protected.
that he be left alone to thrive without distractions or spiritual warfare or hate or jealousy or low vibes or sickness.
i pray a covering over him on the field of life as a Black King.
i will kiss his shoulder & thank him for Being here.
present. in tune. with me.
i will trust his leadership.
i will listen to his dreams & fears while filling in words of power or silence as needed.
i’ll know. i’ll watch.
i’ll pray & wait.
he will be divine. whole.
intentional & consistent.
diligent & integral.
an anchor & my air.
we will fly & see foreign lands together. we will play in oceans & delight in each other’s temple. a sacred lover.
we are pleasing & cosmic & energetic & mind blown, lovers.
we are everything that never was, again, with endurance,
security & focus.
A Comeaux

A Comeaux

eye See you, King.

eye call you by name in a language i’m still learning.
I am A Comeaux until you call me by your last name.
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