Sherri Shepherd: On Success, Sisterhood + Bouncing Back After Breakup

Sherri Shepherd: On Success, Sisterhood + Bouncing Back After Breakup
Sherri Shepherd stars in Trial & Error on NBC.

By Devin Miller

I had the pleasure of meeting with Chicago native actress and comedian Sherri Shepherd while she was in Chicago to discuss her new project on NBC, Trial and Error

Sherri’s role as Anne Flatch on the new hit sitcom Trial and Error is full of surprises. She has several health concerns, like passing out when she sees beautiful things,lack of facial recognition, to walking backwards after vaccinations! Sherri describes her character as “Dory on two legs”. The ensemble cast including comedic veteran, John Lithgow, and combines several eccentric character personalities to make the show both intelligent, and funny. It airs on Tuesday nights, after The Voice on NBC.

I wanted to get to know Ms. Shepherd, the woman. As we all know, Sherri has experienced some very highly publicized personal issues regarding love and divorce. Instead of rehashing the details of her prior turmoil, I wanted to know how she utilized her support systems and maintained her light.

How do you stay positive?

“I have to pray in the morning, and sometimes I have to give it to God to figure out. I am so thankful, I think you have to be thankful for the small things. When you start talking about what you are thankful for, it melts away all the other stuff. It literally gives you joy, you are doing what you love to do, you can always find something to be thankful for, and that should make you smile.”

How do you approach sisterhood and friendships?  

“Sisterhood is so important you cannot make it in this life unless you have your sisters holding you up. I have the tightest group of females in my life, I call them my soft landing place.  I have these group of girlfriends, that when I’m hurt and I can’t think for myself, they have come in and swoop me up, (Niecy Nash was with me) through the first breakup (and) the second breakup, when I could only lay on the floor and just moan, they came in and they undergird me.

“When I hear women say, I don’t get along with girls, I feel for them, my heart breaks, because you need women in your life.”

Men can give you some things, but women will hold you accountable. You need your girlfriends, that’s one of the reasons why I can smile.”

What would you tell women, who are in the process of a divorce or breakup?

You have to know, that this too, shall pass. You have to know that everything is a season, you don’t stay in a place of permanent residence unless you choose to. The pain will dull, where it once was a roar, it’ll be a little softening rain against the window. The end goal has to be forgiveness, not right away, but that has to be the end goal. Everyday it gets better, and you have to smile.”

Sherri and I also discussed the launch of her wig line, Sherri Shepherd Now. One of the things she loves about producing her line is, it was made for women on the go. “Just shake and go” She believes hair is “like an accessory,” so as women, we should be able to switch it up. Her line can be found on QVC,, and Sally’s Beauty Supply stores.

Devin Miller and Sherri Shepherd.

Devin Miller and Sherri Shepherd.

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