After President Trump: 5 Things Black Men Must Do NOW

After President Trump: 5 Things Black Men Must Do NOW
Author Morris Brent.

By Morris Brent

Based on the devastation of yesterday, here’s my 5W© solution for the BLACK MAN:

1. Now, more than ever, you will need a strong black WOMAN by your side, as she is the foundation of the family.

You will need a Queen with whom you can love, be loved and create a legacy with. We have to get back in the home and reclaim our women and children. Everything starts in the home, which is your peace… the Queen is the “centerpeace” of it.

2. We have to focus on generating WEALTH for our children and grandchildren.

A job – 401k – a savings, etc, are not enough as the value of money decreases over time. We must involve and teach our children our skillset, so they may continue and grow the businesses, real-estate, etc. that we leave behind. Economics…

3. We need to protect ourselves and our families.

Idealism is passed down and around. Therefore, we will need WEAPONS to protect ourselves and our families from racists groups, entities and individuals who will now openly follow in the footsteps of their leader. However, WEAPONS are also considered education, our networks and so on.

4. We need WISDOM from leadership.

…and people to step up and help us realign our priorities from partying, material things, substance use, sports, etc… to family values, activism, education, legislation and so on. Far too many of us are overly occupied with things that do not forward, nor benefit our people/culture.

5. Lastly, we will need WORSHIP.

Spiritual assistance – as we can’t do this alone. With so many forces against us… covert, overt, institutional or whichever, it will be important to stay spiritually connected.


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