Hey Girl: Sometimes, His Side-Chick is a Dude

Hey Girl: Sometimes, His Side-Chick is a Dude
Markeith Rivers is the DL Detective, exposing straight men who have sex with men.

By Zondra Hughes

Hey girl, let me ask you a very important question.

This question is as uncomfortable for you to read as it was for me to write, but we’re being killed in the sheets and we must address it.

WHAT IF a man that you love, and may even have children with, was living the Down-Low (DL) lifestyle; that is, he’s straight, but he’s also having sexual relations with men on the side—would you want to know?

You may no longer have a choice to know or not to know, because side-dudes are exposing their straight lovers left and right.

The leader of the pack is Charlotte, North Carolina’s Markeith Rivers, the self-described DL Detective.

For his fans and followers, Markeith is a God-send, a gay man who ‘saves lives’ by exposing straight men who also dabble in gay sex. (Yes, Markeith brings receipts, in the form of secretly recorded audio, video and screen shots of straight men engaging–or admitting to engaging–in sexual acts with him.)

Markeith—who is directly responsible for exposing a popular local pastor as well–says that he exposes men who have sex with men in order to save lives.

Let’s clarify what Rivers means by ‘saving lives.’ According to the Centers for Disease Control, the largest group of HIV infections is Black men who have sex with men. These are not gay men, these are straight men with wives, girlfriends and children, who also hook up with men from time to time. According to the CDC, more often than not, these men do not use protection when they have sex with other men.

And alas, if the men who have sex with men are infected with HIV, they can bring that package right back home to their wives, girlfriends and side-chicks.

Many of Markeith’s female followers are especially grateful; Natasha Smith commented on Facebook:

“People should just be honest about what they really want…it’s not fair the way they be moving out here and they need to be held accountable!  The way the world is going, being gay is the popular thing now, so why not just do that if that’s what you’re into…but to snake around is not fair. I SUPPORT U MARKEITH!”

Clearly, not everyone supports what Markeith is doing. Markeith is shaking things up for the unsuspecting women who had no inkling that the men in their lives were meeting secretly with Markeith for sex; and some of these women do not appreciate finding out this most personal secret on the world’s most popular social media platform.

When one of Markeith’s alleged hookups was exposed, the man went missing, and loved ones feared that he may have committed suicide.

In a Facebook post, Markeith responded: “I would rather a [down-low] man to commit suicide than to infect an innocent woman with HIV.”

The missing man returned to Facebook to notify friends and family that all is well with him.

Unfortunately, yet another man, an up-and-coming rapper, reportedly committed suicide after being exposed.

Markeith is playing a very dangerous game, and he knows it; men whose entire reputations are hinged on their ‘hardness’ or street credibility can’t afford to be outed. For these down-low men, Markeith is a beautiful devil who’s gaining social media popularity from exposing their secret hookups—and they want it to stop.

At least one of the exposed men allegedly struck back by shooting up Markeith’s mother’s house. Markeith, who does not reside with his mother, responded to the attack on Facebook:

“I know that my life is at risk everyday and I accept it. Sometimes it’s not easy, however, I have a job to do. However, if y’all felt that was going to stop me from doing what I do as far as exposing these [down-low] men, you are wrong. I’m not scared…and you won’t bully me into being quiet.”

 For some, Markeith’s determination to expose down-low men is a blessing; for others, it’s the curse that won’t go away.

Markeith Rivers is on Facebook.

Zondra Hughes is a social media strategist and pro editor. Follow her on Twitter @zondrahughes

Zondra Hughes is a social media strategist and pro editor. Follow her on Twitter @zondrahughes

Zondra is on Twitter @ZondraHughes

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