Pastor London Royal and 1st Ladies Declare War on Divorce

Pastor London Royal and 1st Ladies Declare War on Divorce
Pastor London Royal and 1st ladies will help women win this weekend.

 By Deborah Olivia Farmer

Event: London Royal, 1st Lady of Lifeline Church, invites women of all ages to the free “Winning Women’s” event that will take place at Lifeline Church, 1321 S. Austin Blvd., Cicero, IL., on this Saturday, March 19th at 6:30 p.m.

Dynamic women of God from Chicago and the surrounding suburbs scheduled to appear include: Anna Hannah – 1st Lady of New Life Covenant Southeast (Pastor John Hannah); Gloria Alford – 1st Lady of Progressive Life Giving Word Cathedral (Apostle Donald Alford); Andria Hudson – 1st Lady of Prayer & Faith Outreach Ministries (Bishop William Hudson III); and Fiona Arthurs – 1st Lady of Wheaton Christian Center (Pastor Paul Authors).

Here, we ask Pastor London Royal a few questions before tomorrow’s winning event.                                           

When did you and your husband start pastoring Lifeline Church of Chicago? 

Reggie and I started pastoring in March of 2007.  We just celebrated 9 years of ministry. We also founded Lifeline Church in Monterrey, Mexico in 2013.

How long did you and your husband date before marriage? 

We dated for about 8 months and were married about 11 months later. In September of this year, we will be married 21 years.

What is the mission of Lifeline Church? 

Lifeline Church is on a mission to train people to win in everyday life.  It’s a breeding ground for greatness through serving.  We Love God, Love People and Prove it.

Why did you feel compelled to develop the Married Life initiative? 

In this day and time, there is a lot of emphasis put on divorce so we developed Married Life because we wanted to help couples succeed in marriage.

We have declared war on divorce and believe any couple can divorce-proof their marriage by following principles established in the Word of God.

Marriage is God’s institution and we must rely on Him for success in what He founded.  Married Life is a Christian based initiative that provides practical knowledge on preserving the sacred covenant of marriage.  Through Married Life, we are on a mission to increase the number of happily married couples, decrease the percentage of divorces in society, and further equip men and women with wisdom to meet each other’s needs in a fruitful and successful marriage.

How effective has it been thus far? Are you/the married couples seeing real results? 

Yes, we are big on results.  We determine the success of every endeavor by the good fruit that it bears.  We have seen marriages transformed, restored, repaired, etc. through Married Life.  We receive testimonies continually on the good things that are happening in marriage and families.

We have an Annual Marriage Retreat and Bi-monthly Communication Labs that allow couples to get understanding, have fun and meet other couples.

 What role does your husband play in your many programs within the church? 

My husband is the visionary of Lifeline Church so God gives him the vision and myself, along with the partners of Lifeline Church, run with the vision to make it happen.

What are some of the take-a-ways you pray to see happen at this much anticipated gathering? 

I pray that the women in attendance will be encouraged to win in every area of their lives.  I pray that they are open to receiving and sharing and that they are able to take home information to assist them in achieving next level success.  I am looking forward to the transformed lives of God’s women and I pray that this event will transform their lives so much that people will see the light of God in them and be changed.

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