Blacks and Poor Whites: Your Life Doesn't Matter to the System

Blacks and Poor Whites: Your Life Doesn't Matter to the System
LaQuan McDonald protest in Chicago (Chicago Tribune) and Steven Avery of Netflix's Making a Murderer.

By A Comeaux

I’ve been in a confusing haze for a few days, drifting between the headlines #OregonUnderAttack and #BlackLivesMatter peaceful unarmed protestors nationwide being thrown in jail, beaten and even shot with no charges for the terrorists.

And then I had a revelation.

The revelation: American media is irrefutably biased in the glorified showcase that is racism against Blacks. Unapologetic and visceral, the dialogue across every network highlights the police public lynchings, making the deaths of black youth go viral, while white attacks, protests and actions are always justified.

In 2016 this is our reality and the train looks like there’s no breaks in sight!

Poor whites may understand this bias better than you think.

Netflix created a 10-episode documentary on the wrongful conviction of a man who spent 18 years in prison, only to be charged with murder when he’s released.

#MakingAMurderer will have you glued to your television or laptop worse than a lonely man on Pornhub! It’s compelling, it’s sad and suspenseful and have all the makings of a good ole Netflix binge.

Making A Murderer is about a poor, white guy that pissed just enough people off in the town sheriff’s department to have his ass on the line for life, literally!

As I watched this true story unfold, I couldn’t help but think about the countless lives of poor, black men who spent their youth in prison only to be released with no more than an honorable mention in the city paper, if that.

How many men are in prison now with no tangible evidence of their crime other than fitting a description that I suspect is really a template for trumped-up charges?

I was as appalled as I was entertained. I won’t disclose any details, wouldn’t dare #SpoilerAlert my people, but I’ll say this; if Steven Avery was ever framed, they went through hell and high waters to do so…

At least they put in as much effort, they usually just lock our men up with no questions asked and a sketchy report. Blew my mind. Kinda like the lover who goes to great lengths to lie compared to the one breaking your heart while looking you straight in the eyes.

I used to respect one that troubled themselves with sheltering my pain, but if someone is lying, hurting and deceiving me, that’s the crime! How you do it is irrelevant.

All this to say, we are watching our people perish live on the nightly news. We are witnessing our political stance deduced to looting while whites hold open court with rifles in hand and are considered peaceful.

We are watching a Netflix documentary of a series of unfortunate events for a poor white family when we all know this story and how it ends for far too many of our own.

I’m A Comeaux and I look forward to the day that our injustices get their own documentary and not another damn slave series. I look for the day when our lives matter enough to be punished if snatched, by police or prison.

Get tuned in and I’m not talking TV.

Follow A Comeaux on Twitter @KcoSpoke

Follow A Comeaux on Twitter @KcoSpoke

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