A Taste of Sicily for the Holidays

A Taste of Sicily for the Holidays

DSC_1225By Dawj Sangster– As the holidays approach us and we enjoy time with family and friends; we consider dinner parties, gifts, delicious food and decide on the tasty cocktails to provide for our guests. As a wine taster and foodie that loves Italian  cuisine, I was delighted to assist with promoting WinesOfSicily Chicago private event, that provided a peek into the fabulous world of authentic Sicilian wine. Delicious bites were provided but we were provided with a few bottles of authentic Sicilian wine from the vineyards of Sicily.

Sicilia DOC, the group that makes the wine, is known for having been created to share Sicily’s story of wine and bringing a taste of their world, across the world. It is now sold US and abroad and my son, who just returned from living in Italy and traveling frequently to Sicily, gave his stamp of approval on the authentic taste and smell of the wine.

Have you tried international wines? Which ones? Let us know!

IMG_hhb2f1This MANDRAROASSA Nero D’Avola was delicious and was paired with Escovich fish with cabbage and rice. It has a taste of plums but smells like cherries.


DSC_1338This VENDEMMIA Nero D’Avola MORGANTE was delicious and was paired with cranberry stuffing, collard greens, seared Tilapia and mac and cheese. This wine had more of a blackberry taste with the smell cherry and vanilla.





Be sure to follow @winesofsicily on Twitter/Instagram for the latest information. Don’t forget to look for the official Sicilia DOC label below for authenticity! #CHITastesSicily



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