A Man Speaks: 5 Things I Wish Women Knew

A Man Speaks: 5 Things I Wish Women Knew

By Carlos Espinoza, Guest Columnist

These are 5 things men wish women knew.

1. Keep your girlfriend out of our relationship.

When I do something nice for you, you tell your girl about it. When I throw it down in bed, you tell your girl about it. Each time you discuss me with your girlfriend—good or bad—you’re planting seeds in her head about me, as well.

Soon, your girlfriend will envision me doing nice things for her, or making love to her; it’s human nature.

At some point, two things will happen: She’ll encourage you to leave me and then she’ll scheme to stay in touch with me behind your back.

2. You can’t change me, and it’s not your fault.

By now, you know my demons and weaknesses. I’m not saying that I can’t change; I am telling you that you can’t change me and that’s not your fault. Change begins within me, a decision that I must make alone. Your support is welcome, but change is my responsibility.

3. Let’s be kinder to one another.

I encounter various, uncomfortable situations throughout the day; situations that challenge who I am as a man. I fight these blatant attacks and micro-agressions like a soldier, and I don’t want that war to continue when I’m in your presence. Let’s be kinder to one another.

I need for it to be you and me against the world–not you and the world against me.

4. I like your natural curves.

Strive to be healthy; don’t compete with society’s illusion of beauty. Stop being so hard on yourself. And most important, don’t add fillers and fake parts to your body, it’s not sexy to the touch and it’s not healthy for you. Eres hermosa. (You’re beautiful).


5. I need you.

Pride won’t let me say that out loud, or, sometimes, even whisper it in your ear. But know that I need you; I long for you when you’re not around. And I don’t want to lose you.

Feliz Navidad, ladies 


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