If You Celebrated Khloe + Lamar Part 2, Fairy Tales Have Messed You Up

If You Celebrated Khloe + Lamar Part 2, Fairy Tales Have Messed You Up
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Leave Your Lamar Alone

By Sylvia Snowden

Ladies, be honest.  Fairy tales messed you up, didn’t they?

You were watching Aladdin thinking it was okay for a man to lie about who he was, where he lived and how much money he had, as long as his lies were motivated by love.

You were watching Sleeping Beauty thinking your good looks would be so legendary that a wealthy, handsome suitor would fall in love with your reputation, come to your house, wake you from your sleep, and take you away from your otherwise mundane existence.

You saw Beauty and the Beast and thought a loud, funny-looking man with a violent temper had “potential” to be your Prince Charming, because, well, if you just got to know him, you could look past all of that surface stuff and fall in love with who he “really” was.  Those fairy tales had us believing love can fix anything, even the most impossible and unhealthy relationships.

But how many of you know, life is no fairy tale?

There are some things love alone just can’t fix.  My fear though, is that many of us haven’t figured that out, yet.  We think we’re still fairy tale princesses, who can love troubled men past their pain and be responsible for their rehabilitation.  We mistakenly believe we can overlook dishonesty and duplicity, as long as the deception was done in love.  And if you’re a woman who still believes this in earnest, I hate to be the one to break it to you, but this sort of love will almost never end with your dreams coming true; it will become a disaster waiting to happen.

Take for example the story of former NBA champion Lamar Odom and his recent health crisis.  I was glad to see Lamar’s estranged wife went to his bedside once reports surfaced that he collapsed from a drug binge; he doesn’t have a lot of people to support him.

But, let’s be clear, she has no business getting back together with him romantically. 

He’s an addict. 

He’s probably a very nice guy, but he has a chemical, psychological and emotional dependency on some pretty heavy drugs. All the love in the world won’t fix any of that. So I was rather bewildered to see how many people (women, in particular) were championing the couple’s decision to call off their divorce in the wake of this tragedy as an example of “love conquering all.”

Don’t you know that if she took him back, she’d be taking on all of the volatility that comes with drug addiction? She’ll invite that tumultuous energy right back into her space.  He will be getting her love and she will be getting the blues.  To conquer his addiction HE will need to work through it with a team of medical doctors, licensed clinical therapists and the good Lord. Love won’t do it

Now, to her credit, Lamar’s wife Khloe, has clarified that even though the divorce is off, the pair are still not back together.

I just wish some of you other Kholes out there would realize what Mrs. Odom has figured out; there’s a huge difference between a man who’s not right for you and a man who’s not right for anyone.  Leave the Lamars alone, ladies.  Let these fairytales go.  Some men have some issues your love won’t fix.  Love yourselves enough to accept that and move on.

Follow Sylvia on Twitter @TrulySylvia

Follow Sylvia on Twitter @TrulySylvia

Sylvia D. Snowden is a fabulous Chicago-based journalist, read more about her on www.TrulySylvia.com. Follow Sylvia on Twitter @TrulySylvia
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