Mellody Hobson Asks...Are You A Ball Stealer?

Mellody Hobson Asks...Are You A Ball Stealer?

by Dawj Sangster- We have probably all encountered that one person that is really popular that everyone wants to meet or see. You want to be in their presence to learn and grow from their knowledge and experience. While this is all great, Mellody Hobson says that if you are that popular person, “STOP STEALING THE BALL”. Mellody gave a candid talk on what it’s like being that popular person and her lessons learned over the years.








A “ball thief or stealer” in professional terms is someone that sucks the air out of the room from others. While it is great to be noticed and enjoy the attention you have earned over the years, it is more important to “allow others to shine when they are very capable of exuding great light,” according to Mellody Hobson. When you know someone is capable of answering a question, performing a task, or can handle that big project, allow them to shine. It takes nothing from you but instead, shows just how much of a great leader you are. IMG_0066

Mellody gave 3 great tips on how to handle being perceived as a ball stealer or thief:

  1. Give others a chance to answer questions before you jump to answer them.
  2. If you know someone can handle a specific project or task, recommend them.
  3. When in group settings, make introductions and “throw the ball” to others.

Are you a ball stealer? Have you ever been perceived as a ball stealer? Do you know any ball thieves? Share your stories with us.


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