10 Spicy Marriage Tips for Virtuous Wives

10 Spicy Marriage Tips for Virtuous Wives
Helen Goldberg says you must have sex with your husband. (professional model).

By Helen Goldberg

Dear Virtuous Wife,

The Bible is NOT all you need. Have sex with your husband.  Always keep it exciting with your mate and change up the routine. For example, role play and pretend to be meeting each other for the first time. It’s your husband, so you are allowed a “one-night-stand” with him from time to time.

The reality is that if you are not willing to make a sacrifice to please the man that you said “I do” to, someone who is desperately seeking a man, will come full force after your husband.

We are all smart women who can accomplish a lot as individuals. As much as we give of ourselves to our careers and communities, we should be willing to give to our marriages and to keep the peace as that virtuous wife.

Don’t you agree?

Two years ago, Amy and I traveled to Chicago to participate in the National Orgasm Week Women’s Health event, Explorgasm, where we met organizers Zondra Hughes and Dawgelene Sangster, a marriage mentor. Dawgelene shared her tips for keeping the spice in your marriage.

Here, then are 10 Spicy Marriage Tips for Virtuous Wives

1.        Listen to your husband’s sexual needs and share your own.

2.        Be willing to communicate your concerns lovingly and without harsh tones if he suggests something that is unfamiliar.

3.        Be willing to at least try something new. Stop doing the same old positions. If you have to get a book to learn something new to get him excited, go for it.

4.        Take the lead and initiate intimacy; you will be surprised at the outcome.

5.        Show excitement about being with him.

6.        Put the kids to bed early, take a nap and be ready to take on your husband when he gets home. As a matter of fact, start the seduction when he walks in the door.

7.        Learn the art of foreplay. Don’t be so tired and in such a rush that you miss the opportunity to love on YOUR husband. Take the time to play with him from head to toe and hit every region that pleases him.

8.        Get a sitter and be nude when he gets home.

9.        Get oral girl. Let’s face it; that Side Chick is doing him long and hard and to be honest, what you consider as gross, she is gladly telling him she loves to do. With that being said, read, watch a video or better yet, surprise him and just start loving him in those secret places he so desires YOU to.

10.      Don’t nag. You would be surprised at the miracles that you can work in your marriage by just listening.


Sex Esteem written by Helen Goldberg and Amy Loeb is this month's book club selection.

Sex Esteem written by Helen Goldberg and Amy Loeb is this month’s book club selection.

Helen Goldberg is the co-author of Sex Esteem: The Secret Struggles of Wives and Side Chicks Decoded

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