When a Mother Attacks Her Grown Child

When a Mother Attacks Her Grown Child
Diamond and Angie Stone in happier times, on the set of R&B Divas.

By Devin Miller

When a mother fights her grown child, do doves cry?

Does the mother lose her spot at the pearly gates? Does time stop? These questions were pondered after the news of Grammy nominated neo-soul singer Angie Stone, was arrested Monday for aggravated assault against her 30-year old daughter.

Reports state that the argument began after Angie asked her daughter, Diamond, to clean up her kids and her room.

I can imagine a grown woman would be upset if her mother told her to clean her room in her mother’s house. Diamond’s anger, which is a bit ironic, is probably what started the debacle.

Being asked to clean your room where I assume she lives for free, seems fair to me.  Unfortunately, the police reports don’t indicate the tone Angie used while making her request.  Maybe she was extra rude about it. (So what! It’s her house!)

Instead of Diamond obliging, they fought. According to reports fists were flying and Ms. Angie picked up a metal stand and swung at her grown baby and knocked out her teeth.

Diamond posted this picture to her facebook page, showing broken teeth. She states that her mother used the weapon pictured here.

Diamond posted this picture to her facebook page, showing broken teeth. She states that her mother used the weapon pictured here.

Who was wrong here? Angie or her free-loading daughter?  Instinctively if someone hits you, you fight back. I have reason to believe her daughter had enough of her mother’s mouth and ran up (fight term). And guess what happens when you run up on an OG (original gangsta) you lose?

So that’s what happened and I wonder where she went after they were both brought into their local police station; and her mother was arrested back to her Momma’s house!

I’m not condoning Angie’s behavior but I can certainly understand.

If any of my children raise a hand to me (when they become adults), I can’t say I’m going to have the extreme self-control to stop myself from jacking them up because I birthed them.

If the tables were turned and Angie prompted the fight, I will defend myself if I’m getting jumped by my mother as well.

Mother or not, it’s a grown woman attacking me! Self-preservation is actual human combatant for survival.

Undoubtedly there are some underlying issues with these two because it should have never gotten this serious. But the moral of the story, is that mothers and daughters should never fight. (And never get into a fight with Angie Stone.)


Follow Devin on Twitter @80sBaby_83

Follow Devin on Twitter @80sBaby_83

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