Steve Harvey, Lisa Nichols and Yolanda Adams: Top 3 Rules for Success

Steve Harvey, Lisa Nichols and Yolanda Adams: Top 3 Rules for Success
Panelists (From l to r., Yolanda Adams; Princeton Parker; Mikki Taylor; Tracey Powell; Steve Harvey and Annette Gibbs; photo by Zondra Hughes for Six Brown Chicks

By Zondra Hughes

Steve Harvey and Essence Magazine’s Disney Dreamers Academy 2015 is a success bootcamp for 100 lucky students; the event also provided some sage advice for parents as well. Here are three rules for success from Steve Harvey, motivational speaker and best-selling author Lisa Nichols and gospel sensation Yolanda Adams.

  1. Wake up with enthusiasm. A former employer called Steve Harvey early in the morning and Harvey answered the phone less than enthused. The employer asked him, ‘Steve, why do you do that? Why do you wake up like that? What’s your plan for today? You don’t sound like a winner but you’re talking about you want to win.’  Harvey says that ever since that conversation he wakes up with excitement.  “I’m happy about waking up, so I became the number one wake up man in all of the United States in America because of that message that he taught me.”

  2. Don’t sell your dreams short; your words have power. “Growing up with the parents and grandparents and folks around me who were believers in doing and not just saying, showed me that saying shaped the way I viewed everything, and it changed my life,” says gospel sensation Yolanda Adams.

  3. Let criticism motivate you. Six-time bestselling author and motivational speaker Lisa Nichols says that she was once told to: ‘Never speak in public, and to go get a desk job.’ Today, Nichols says to use such dream-killer criticism as fuel.  “Some of your best motivation is going to come wrapped in sandpaper. ”

    Lisa Nichols; photo by Zondra Hughes.

    Lisa Nichols; photo by Zondra Hughes.

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