Why Your Ex Doesn't Belong in Your Bed

Why Your Ex Doesn't Belong in Your Bed
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by Toni D. Bailey

Please allow me to leave you with this food for thought.

An ex of mine thinks that I won’t have sex with him because I’m still in love with my most recent ex. This ex can’t seem to grasp that my refusal to allow him to taint my sheets and body again has nothing to do with my ex; it has everything to do with me loving myself.

It took me a while to implement this into my daily walk: When someone loves you, they only want the best for you. And because I thoroughly love myself at this stage in my life, I can’t embrace anything less than the best. It is not in my BEST interest to sleep with a man that deceived me in any form or fashion.

My ex, Buddy, is the last man I was physically or mentally intimate with. And I will remain abstinent.
The next man can’t touch my body until he leaves a Godly imprint on my soul.
Some women need physical contact in the meantime and in-between time. Yes, it’s a beautiful thought to be next to someone but I only want to be next to THE ONE.

Nothing less.

I’ve grown up, and when you know better, you do better.

Sleeping with men who have no intention other than to blow your back out and then blow you off is appealing to people who’ve yet to experience a spiritual awakening.

I’m not implying that I am better than the person who still indulges in this behavior. I’ve definitely been in that same position as well as various sexual positions being filled with wet emptiness.

I understand.

But when you understand, you’ll change it and put yourself on a pedestal. You’ll become more selective about what you engage in and who you engage with.

I am the best Toni Bailey there is. I am the only Toni Bailey; there is no replacement so I have to take care of me. Taking care of me means not allowing anyone to use my body and mind as a trash receptacle because they are feeding me garbage.

I deserve the BEST of everything. YOU DESERVE THE BEST OF EVERYTHING.

Show your present and your future how to approach you and treat you by being good to yourself.

Toni D. Bailey

Toni D. Bailey

Peace and Love,

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