Six Ways to Spoil HER-- Guys, make sure you read this one!

Six Ways to Spoil HER-- Guys, make sure you read this one!
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By Gina B.

Do you spoil your significant other? If the answer is no, shame on you!

In my opinion, spoiling is a primary relationship component and it should be done regularly and reciprocated. By BOTH parties.

I tend to be the CSO (Chief Spoiling Officer) in my relationships and it comes naturally to me. However, there seem to be a whole host of others who have no concept of what spoiling entails or why it’s important.

Here’s how I see it . . . life is difficult and full of conflict. If you can’t get relief from your significant other, what’s the point?

Your significant other is your partner, your comfortable chair, the person who both has your back and inspires movement below the waist, and serves as your constant source of support. Why not proactively make his/her day? If you love that person, you should jump at the opportunity to inspire a smile!

Spoiling doesn’t always mean expensive gifts (although those can be very nice). Spoiling boils down to being thoughtful and taking action. There are many ways to spoil your boyfriend or girlfriend in ways that will not impact your bank balance.

1. Spoil for the right reasons.
Do NOT spoil with expectations of reciprocity. Even if your significant other isn’t the best at spoiling you, give it a try and lead by example. She might jump in the game with you.

2. Empathize.
Women tend to be more nurturing and attentive. So, guys? Pay attention to your girlfriend. What are the little things that make her happy? What kind of day is she having, and what can you do to alleviate the stress? If you don’t know, commit to being more attentive.

3. Incorporate your significant other into your thoughts.
It is truly the thought that counts. Guys, women like evidence that you’ve been thinking about us when we’re not in your field of vision. Even if it’s something small, like noticing that she’s out of toothpaste and buying a replacement tube, I guarantee that it will put a smile on her face. Bonus points if you get her favorite brand.

4. Keep it simple.
Once you start spoiling, you can’t stop (and hopefully you won’t want to!). Set yourself up for success and consistency by committing to doing regular small things – even if that small thing is an unexpected hug and kiss — or meeting her at the door in your sexiest undies. Never underestimate how much the smallest gesture can make someone’s day.

5. Don’t ask! Do!
This step is VERY important. Nobody wants to ask to be spoiled, yet everyone wants to be spoiled. Part of being in a relationship is anticipating the needs of your special someone. Ladies, if he’s had a hard day, don’t ask your boyfriend if he wants a neck rub. Just start rubbing his neck! He won’t turn you down. Guys, don’t check to see if she wants a glass of wine on the couch. Just bring her one! If your girlfriend’s anything like me, she will never refuse a rich glass of vino.

6. Make it fun!
This shouldn’t be a chore – it should be a fun challenge designed to strengthen your relationship.

Tell me – are you spoiled, or do you tend to be the spoiler?

Gina B.

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Follow Gina B. on Twitter @GinaSpot


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