Love Tips from the "Love King" Raheem DeVaughn

Love Tips from the "Love King" Raheem DeVaughn
Photo by Dawgelene Sangster
Photo by Dawgelene Sangster

Photo by Dawgelene Sangster


by Dawj Sangster- I had the opportunity to sit down and chat with the amazing Raheem Devaughn, a.k.a “The Love King,” and chat about love. He is an amazing individual that is really passionate about love and relationships. Here he gives us some tips on being in love and having a successful relationship.

Honestly, in being considered the “Love King,” I am still trying to figure out what love is myself, even though I have a gift for connecting people. It’s kind of my gift and my curse”.- Raheem DeVaughn


  1. Be Yourself– Be the person you are from day one…three years later. Far too many times we get a representative in the beginning and then later on down the road, the real you comes out!  Instead, just be who YOU are from the beginning.
  2. Be Patient– Patience is truly the virtue and can ultimately mean getting what you want and need in a relationship, but you can’t rush things.
  3. Be Spontaneous– Being spontaneous can bring excitement which is a key thing that can really turn people on. It’s a way for you to discover if there is a level of compatibility there. For example, when you hear them ask you to do a certain thing in a certain place, you can get excited and feel like you want me to do what and where. Man it can bring a whole level of excitement, especially if you are game for it.


There you have it straight from the “Love King”. Share and let us know what you think. As always, support this amazing artist that we adore so much!

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Dawgelene a.k.a “Dr Dawj” is a entrepreneurial strategist, creative lifestyle coach, leadership professor and influencer of written and visual stuff.

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