5 Guaranteed Ways to Get Sex By Thanksgiving

5 Guaranteed Ways to Get Sex By Thanksgiving
Yes you can get some for the holidays! Photo: Kamila Gornia, posed by model. Via PhotoPin/Creative Commons.

By Amy Loeb

Sex! You want it, and despite being in a relationship with someone, you can’t get it.

Let’s say for reasons beyond your control, you and your guy haven’t been frisky lately. He made you angry; the bills are piling up; the children are misbehaving (and they’re always home!) and the two of you are passing each other like ships in the night.

Well, the holiday season is upon us and time for you to break that drought. You deserve a holiday hookup and there are 5 easy ways to get some sexual satisfaction.

1. Sext him. Text him, and don’t hold back. Tell your man what you want, where and how. Instruct him to call you if he needs details.

2. Tell him. Ask him, “So what do you want for Christmas?” And smile politely as he responds. When he asks you, “What do YOU want?” Throw a sexy gaze and respond, “I want you to_____.”

3. Wear vanilla. Dr. Alan Hirsch, founder of The Smell and Taste Treatment and Research Foundation of Chicago found that vanilla is one of the top scents that arouse men. Spritz vanilla on yourself and then give him a full-body hug. Don’t forget to kiss him on the neck and gently bite his ear.

4. Oral pleasures. He loves breakfast in bed; but he prefers a wake-up blowjob.  Ask any man, anywhere, and he’ll tell you it’s true.

5. Serve him wearing nothing but a tee-shirt, sexy panties and stilettos.  Prepare his favorite meal (or have that meal waiting for him if he happens to crave Chipotle) in your let’s get it on attire. You could splurge on lingerie, but the tee-shirt and panties is just as sexy (just wear that ensemble and watch what happens).

Have a happy, sexy holiday season!

Amy Loeb is the co-author of Sex Esteem: Secret Struggles of Wives and Side Chicks.

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