ADDICTED Movie Interviews with Tyson C Beckford and Boris Kodjoe

ADDICTED Movie Interviews with Tyson C Beckford and Boris Kodjoe
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by Dawgelene Sangster- I had the extreme pleasure of interviewing two of the leading men in Zane’s new Addicted movie that hit theaters today. Tyson C. Beckford and Boris Kodjoe are two amazing gentlemen full of talent and humor. They were gracious enough to sit down with me and chat about their movie experience in making this film, and what they hope audiences will get out of this movie. Check out the recap below and be SURE to go watch this movie!

Question: So what is the movie about?

IMG_0004Tyson: The movie deals with a nice family that seemingly has the perfect life. As a side note, in reality, a lot of people look at what others have and think to themselves “I want that” but they don’t really know internally what is going on. His wife starts on the computer looking at things and wants to go off to the clubs and check out what’s out there. She then runs into William levy’s character, along with my character; and we are all three different guys. She has the perfect husband over here, but her adventurous side wants to go and meet my character and then William character. I think the old saying “every woman needs an escape” is true. I feel like they do, but not necessarily the way Sharon’s character plays out. Women deserve girls’ night out and spa days and they do need an escape, some maybe more than others, but they do. It’s a really good script and an incredible movie.


Question: Boris, in playing the role of the husband and good guy in the movie, how much of that is you in real life?

I don’t know about percentage wise, but there are a lot of things that I could relate to in my character’s life; wife, kids, seemingly perfect life, successful, alpha male. We have all had our hearts broken before so I think we all understand what it means to be confronted with this reality in finding out something about someone you thought you knew, and that is a tough pill to swallow. That’s what made this character interesting. You don’t want to play a character that isn’t flawed. Also, I’ve had my heart broken before and in all of that, I realized that you have to know who you are as a person and work on you first, or you will just be searching for someone to fill a void that you need to fill from within first.


QUESTION: Why should audiences see this movie?

Boris– It’s a revelation; a personal liberating experience. You leave the theater knowing that its OK to be who you are, have different desires but face those temptations and communicate, communicate, communicate with your mate.

Tyson– whether you go alone or with your mate, you will learn something about this movie and yourselves, especially around communication. It highlights the things that happen when you do communicate and when you don’t. It’s a good journey of discovery and Zane did a great job with it.

You must see this movie and tell us what you think: #Addicted

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