Oprah's 12 Secrets for the Life You Want

By Shameeka Hunt

The Life You Want tour stopped in Washington, DC this past weekend.  One word to describe the experience is “Amazing.”  It was two incredible days filled with energy, challenges, laughter, tears, and empowering messages.  Over the course of two blogs I will share with you some takeaways that I hope will resonate in your heart and cause you to live the life you want.

On the first day Oprah took the stage in order to lay the foundation for the weekend and speakers that would grace us with their presence.  #Oprah I hope I make you proud with my recap.

The 12 Secrets

1. We are all stars.

2. You become what you believe.

3. Real success comes from your heart’s desire.

4. Until you take your last breath you are still on the climb; you are still on the journey.

5. Everyone has a calling and a purpose.  Figure out what it is.  Pay attention to it, know it, and share it.  Your power comes from giving it away!  Let the rest of the world experience your gift.

6. Every person matters – YOU matter!

7. The energy in your spirit is what is being transmitted out into the world.

8. You have absolute power and control in your own energy field.  You have no power in someone else’s territory.

9. Your greatest power is LOVE.

10. There is always a second chance.

11. Failure is life at its most poignant time trying to push you in a different direction.

12. Be excellent no matter what you do.

Stay tuned for Part 2 for more empowering words that will rock your world and resonate in your heart in order to bring about change.  Until then, go get everything that life has for you!

Shameeka Hunt, a Maryland resident,is the Creator and CEO of KeepMeTight. KeepMeTight is a company that is coined for its Hour Glas undergarment that can be worn all day and flattens abs, provides back support, and promotes better posture.Follow her on Twitter at @KeepMeTight.

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