Behind the Scenes with Comedy Central's Key & Peele

Keegan-Michael Key and Jordan Peele are the stars of Key & Peele.

Ever since the days of “In Living Color,” I have been searching for something just as funny and fresh to entertain me and make me laugh uncontrollably. I loved MADtv. Then came Key and Peele. Two Madtv alums, they joined forces in 2012 for a sketch comedy show that not only made us laugh, but think. Jordan Peele was born in New York, and has performed in Amsterdam and Second City in Chicago. It was at Second City that he would meet Keegan Michael Key. Key was raised in Detroit, Michigan and was a founding member of Hamtramck- Michigan’s Planet Ant Theater.
 In 2003, Peele joined the set of MADtv, where he would again work with Key. Key told me that he absolutely loved Chicago, and mentioned that his favorite place to get chicken in Chicago, is without a doubt… Harold’s! Ha! (take THAT Uncle Remus!)
During my set visit, I was able to watch Key and Peele film a sketch and then rehearse another. Did I mention it was over 100 degrees, and they were filming outside, with jackets and wigs on?! The first sketch was very simple, but hilarious! I heard the Director yell “Reset!!” several times, but each time they performed it, I could see added nuances that made me giggle even more than I did before. Peele seemed very focused on his performance as I noticed him quietly studying his lines before they called action.
The scene was set in a bar, with two women discussing a bad relationship. I could hear the duo talking about what they wanted people to take from the scene and where their inspiration for the women they were portraying came from. I heard them mention Love and Hip Hop! I won’t give away too much else about this scene, but expect a hilarious performance from Key and Peele this season.
I had the opportunity to sit with Key for a few minutes and ask him some questions about inspiration, and the upcoming new season! (he was in full makeup, dress, and ahem.. added appendages- somehow I was able to keep a straight face!)
Courtney: Who or what Inspires you?
Key: Vulnerability. Having authentic experiences with people. Richard Pryor was also a huge inspiration, because he was able to be vulnerable with his audience after his highly publicized crack-cocaine incident. He incited pathos from his audience, and was able to poke fun at himself at the same time.
Courtney: What can we expect from the new season?
Key: There will be some recurring characters! Also, still funny with some things to make you think. A lot of skits will touch on sociopolitical topics.
Courtney: I really enjoy Barack Obama’s Interpreter; Luther. He says a lot of things that a people in our community feel Obama wants to say, but can’t. 
Key: Yes, older people in our communities especially can relate because there was a time when they weren’t allowed to have a voice.
Courtney: Have any skits been completely improvisation?
Key: Yes, I believe so! Peele knows exactly which one that would be, so I would have to ask him. Tweet me later, and I’ll tell you!
Courtney: Will do! 
When I left, he gave me a hug and told me to have a nice flight home. It’s so refreshing to meet someone with immense talent, and still have them be so down to earth. I was unable to sitdown with Jordan. It was their first day back filming, so he was in his trailer studying lines. I love you Jordan!
Shoutout to the Six Brown Chicks for making this trip happen, and don’t forget to watch Key and Peele Season 4 Premiering on Comedy Central. Check your local listings!
Follow Courtney on Twitter @Court_the_MUA

Follow Courtney on Twitter @Court_the_MUA

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