An Open Letter to My Black Son

An Open Letter to My Black Son
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by A Comeaux

An Open Letter to #mySun

At 8-years-old you still believe in superheroes and friendly neighbors.
You see the world with love in your eyes and no color-lines in sight. I love that about you. I’m sorry it’s not awesome in today’s world. I’m sorry that you will be judged by your skin tone and your hair before you even open your mouth. Your history, your true history, is so rich yet it’s been diluted and reduced to slavery and a march.
I will teach you differently.

Today young men are being slain at record numbers resembling genocide and my heart aches for childless mothers.
What can we do to protect you?
How can we teach you to defend yourself against a force that sees you as worthless with no respect for your life?

I can’t tell you to fight back. They will shoot.
I can’t tell you to hate everything that is not brown, because that’s not right nor realistic.
I can’t tell how to save your own life if ever confronted with a cop with more angst to hurt you than he vowed to protect you with.
I can tell you, I will teach you, I will show you to speak up.

I will encourage you to follow the laws of the land and know your rights despite what liberties are threatened daily.

I will tell you to be aware and informed as there is a plan of attack on your kind and it is likely not to end well without a shift in the Universe.

We are at risk, #mySun.

Our lives and freedoms are jeopardized in a blatant and vile way that I fear will discourage if not ruin our strongest of hearts.

There are mothers across this nation holding a shirt, a jersey or wearing a cap of a slain child. There are fathers with no answers. Sisters unprotected and brothers with no one to play with because bullets fly more than chirping birds in some places and there is little to no recourse.

No consequence for murderers when they are badged. When they are white. When they have ‘justifiable cause’… That is bullsh*t.
Resources are stripped from our communities. Jobs are scarce, inner-city schools closed and underfunded yet we are asked, ‘why’ and ‘what’s wrong with these kids?’ Rhetoric.

This letter is sealed online. Like the video of #MikeBrownRally like the #TrayvonMartinHoodiesUp. Like the countless reports of a ‘young black boy found dead and no one is in custody’ is sealed online.

Sealed with tear-stained protests for change. A change only God can provide. No laws have given us due justice since we’ve been “Free” and that’s up for debate.

I will teach you love. Give you education of your true history and the courage to stand for what you believe. I vow, #mySun, I will stand with you.

I’m A Comeaux. Mother of a black male child. May my prayers protect him and all children.

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