3 Types of Women who Should NOT be in Leadership!

3 Types of Women who Should NOT be in Leadership!
Three types of women who don't need to be in leadership by Shemeka Michelle. (Posed by professional models),

By Shemeka Michelle

I’ve always been told that if you have to fight for authority then you really don’t have it. There are two places that this statement is most true; church and the workplace. In both places, I have experienced women that just don’t need to be in charge! They are insecure and emotionally unstable and you never know what to expect from them day to day. Anytime they suspect that they AREN’T IN CONTROL, there’s hell to pay.

Here are 3 types of women who should NOT be in leadership!

1. The adult woman who obviously lost the popularity contest in high school. Her life’s mission is to prove that SHE IS SOMEBODY! Once she’s in a position which gives her authority, she totally abuses it. Instead of celebrating other women when she sees them excelling as they operate in their element, she refuses to take a back seat again and begins to plot her sister’s downfall.  What she fails to realize is that the same people that didn’t give a fat baby’s behind about her then, don’t give a rat’s ass about her now! Although she’s constantly trying to prove herself, most are not impressed by the pathetic antics she uses to gain importance.

2. The female leader who ONLY looks capable on paper. She forgets that education is different from intelligence. This woman may also whine and complain about EVERYTHING! She’s never had to work hard for anything so your strength and determination confuses her. You intimidate her simply because you exude confidence and she never sees you frantically looking for your pacifier! This woman will consistently speak to you in a condescending tone with the hopes that you won’t notice that although she’s well educated, she’s dumb as hell!

3. The unattractive woman (yes, I said it). This woman was never a pretty girl so there’s a slight jealousy for anyone who is. She secretly sees you as a mean girl but she’s not sure if she wants to befriend you or make you pay for all of the pretty girls who have wronged her in the past. However, unless she’s suffering from the conditions of #1 or #2, she will be the easiest woman to get along with. The unattractive woman just wants to be in the in crowd. If you are a genuine person with a kind heart, you can win her over and she’ll be your friend for life. However, if you’re really a mean girl, be careful! As women, we’ve been conditioned to think there’s not enough to go around so she’ll be damned before she allows another pretty girl to steal her shine!

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Follow the conversation on Twitter @TheNakedGirlz

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