Sneaky Woman Dating Friends' Husbands

Sneaky Woman Dating Friends' Husbands
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By Kym B.

How do you tell your very close friend that her continuous pattern of dating married men is wrong? Let me clarify, her bad habit involves dating married men that are her friends’ husbands.

Since I have been privy to her side life, it has made girls night out very uncomfortable. When we all go out, she appears to be the loyal fun-loving friend; but behind closed doors she’s dating their husbands. Yes more than one husband. She has a sense of empowerment that makes her feel that she has control over the situation. Yet she doesn’t realize the control is really over her. The men control when they see her, they control where they see her and how long the date goes on. Sadly, she is also in search of her own significant other, but has such a long list of wants that this man does not possibly exist on planet earth. Nor do I think God, karma or the “what-goes-around-comes-around” rule has even registered in her mind.

Her entitlement to other people’s property has made her…dare I say…have a bitchy attitude. She feels that she is unstoppable and has exhibited privileged behavior. We are life long friends and she is like family, but I really don’t want to continue our friendship if she does not put an end to these relationships. I don’t want to be associated with her because sooner or later when the you-know-what hits the fan I will be in the middle.

I’ve decided to distance myself from her and allow life to take its course. Even if that means our friendship ends. So many times we discuss relationships with men, but it hurts just as much – or more – when your relationship with your sister-friend ends.

It is sad that selfish desires can ruin any type of relationship. Alas it has been three months since I’ve talked to my friend. Her secret relationships have not changed. However her social media status should from single to (you fill in the blank).

Follow Kym B. on Twitter @AlwaysRich777

Follow Kym B. on Twitter @AlwaysRich777

Kym B. is an International Policy Analyst for the US Department of State and she owns a clothing design boutique with her daughter. Follow her on Twitter @AlwaysRich777

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