The Baby Chick Does New York

The Baby Chick Does New York
Baby Chick A Comeaux with Jocelyn K. Allen of General Motors and guests.

Where do I begin? I’ll start by saying aside for my love for writing, I hold a sincere affinity for theatre and film alike. Last year I was granted the surreal experience to travel to Miami for the American Black Film Festival to report for Six Brown Chicks. It was everything I’d seen in movies except I was there to feel the energy, smell the ocean, mesh with the celebs and vibe with the locals. Oh. And when the Heat won the championship, the city streets erupted with a celebration fit for pots, pans, wooden spoons and millionaires rejoicing barefoot with their driver! The city didn’t sleep if it ever did. It was also my birthday, so naturally, in the world of A Comeaux I took this as confirmation I was born to become and be a part of pure awesomeness.

So this year, the ABFF headed East to New York with opening film Think Like a Man Too (I covered the Chicago premier adoring Kevin Hart, Terrence J and Regina Hall for their fiery energy and constant laughs) and Closing film, a Spike Lee Joint, Da Blood of Jesus. The city was plentiful with talent, aspiring filmmakers, investors and lovers of the arts. This year I had the opportunity interview the cast of Black Dynamite, created/produced by Carl Jones with Michael Jai White leading the way. No spoilers but these guys get it! Look out for season two, I know I’m hooked now!

There’s a certain buzz about this city. I literally felt an energy emit from the atmosphere as I made my rounds. No mention of the hurdle the storm posed on my travel. I made it safe with too much living to do to before I leave here yet. I woke up refreshed looking for the days adventure. Every greeting started with ‘Hi I’m A Comeaux of Six Brown Chicks and today is my birthday!’ Well I am. And it was. So this introduction seemed perfectly fitting to me. Chief Chick Zondra Hughes allowed me to crash in her luxury suite on Park Avenue and everyone treated me like the princess my daddy told me I am. Grateful indeed. It was like having a bestie home to tell the secrets and findings of the day to. We went on excursions together as well. Just like it’s supposed to be. Someone tag Iyanla #FixMyLife

I explored by foot, Washington Square Park, meeting a famous story teller, suicide survivor, a same-sex family and countless characters who allowed me to photograph them, ask them questions and no one robbed me. I made it to the hotel in one piece and wildly inspired. To write. To dream. To try. To go out and get it. I saw dreams being lived out loud. I saw dreams as mere memories. And we all shared the same bench. So I stood up to journey on.

I felt like proposing to New York with a yearning in my soul if she’ll have me. If New York trusts me enough to say yes I vow not to disappoint. I know. We just met. It’ll take some time, just want that in the universe.

Dressed like my name is in the credits, I arrived to the SVA Theatre for the closing film that is sure to keep us all on our toes by the incomparable Spike Lee. Here we were gifted the presence of ‘the church lady’ on the carpet and her church hat screamed, ‘You will respect me, this is my seat and that is my fan’ church lady demeanor. I was in awe! This film reached in places we’ve yet to tap or would rather not, for others it seemed familiar in the way we’re always looking for the how’s and why’s. I promise, no spoilers, Spike worked tremendously hard in his own genius way of bringing his thoughts to the big screen. The reactions were plentiful. Be sure to check it out when it hits your city.

I smiled in pictures and rediscovered a high-school fellow writer. I gave a sincere hug to a colleague I’d only met online. Then I locked arms with my Ukrainian-sensation and went for sushi and stimulating conversation. More on that later… *wink

I’m A Comeaux, I belong on the red carpet, New York loves me and it’s still my birthday.
A Comeaux is the writer, speaker and actor who poetically paints pictures of life and love with a paradoxical perspective. Follow her on Twitter @KCOSpoke.

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