Think Before You Tweet! Or, Just Mind Your Own Business

Think Before You Tweet! Or, Just Mind Your Own Business
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Think Before You Tweet!

By Nicole Harding

A photo of Kevin Durant kissing his MVP mom on the lips, and then that photo of a fully-clothed Willow Smith hanging with a laughing family friend—made the web go wild! Twitter just wouldn’t stop! Outrage and indignation everywhere.

Stop it. Just stop it!

We project our own perversions onto others for sport.  A little one-upsmanship on what can be the best response. We are going to tell them about themselves! And I know they are waiting with baited breath for our scolding. (Insert sarcasm here.)

This is such a dangerous slope.

Perhaps the security of celebrity fortune can shield and protect the above-mentioned but this way of behaving is all too common. A step mother to her husband’s daughter: “Girl get off of your daddy’s lap. You’re too big for that!” Or, “She’s too developed for a two-piece bathing suit. The men will look at her!”  On and on, we project the worst-case scenario on what is just a normal one. And it is damaging!  

Laying fault on a child for innocent behavior allows doubt to creep in and take over. It erodes what may be very little self-esteem to begin with, and can change the way a young person feels about herself forever.

Our young people are posting drugs and guns to social media, even setting up fights that lead to murder in some cases.

They post make-out photos and selfies that show….well, more self than anyone should show. Yet, many parents know more about what Willow Smith is doing than what their own children are up to. We need to do better. The first step is to distinguish what is really happening; before you tweet, ask yourself, is this scandal I’m tweeting about really a problem or is my own baggage talking?

Kissing your mother on the lips after applauding her efforts to single-handedly raise you is a spontaneous show of genuine love and affection!

It isn’t nasty until someone puts their own mess on that.

Worrying about a fully dressed celebrity kid with more vile musings than would ever be used for our own niece or cousin or gasp…daughter….twerking it up at the school dance is shameful because we allow these social media blitzes to blind us to what is often right In front of us! So, please think before you tweet.

Now I’m off to give my kids some sugar–right on the lips!

Nicole Harding is an expert in leadership development, a wife and mother, who is focused on spreading positivity, one conversation, one home project, and one dynamite deal at a time. Follow her on Twitter @RealTalkNic

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