Surprise! I Want a DIVORCE

Surprise! I Want a DIVORCE
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By Renee, A Beauty School Scarlet

It’s been over ten years since my divorce but I will never forget the day my then husband left me almost homeless. But before I spill the tea, let me give you the short version of what led to this almost unfortunate situation.

From the outside we had the “picture perfect” marriage, a five-bedroom home, two-car garage, a Mercedes and no kids. We hosted parties with family and friends on a regular basis; I was a “Real House Wife” before there was a show!

Things were going well with our careers but something seemed to be missing; we both wanted more but only one of us could step into a new direction.

 Being the loving husband that he was, he agreed that I would step out on my own as an entrepreneur. I used my money from my personal savings and 401K to get the business going I did not disturb the household account. I quit my good job with benefits to start a home-based business and then things changed!

For two weeks things were great then he came home one evening and said, “We need to talk.”

Out of nowhere, he stated that he had filed for divorce. Yes, that’s right, he filed, not consulted with a lawyer but filed for a divorce.

I was surprised, upset and devastated.

I actually thought he was playing but he was dead serious. I could not figure out why or what went wrong. But, I was determined to make it work.

We said our vows and made a promise to God, so I had to save my marriage. I cut off all my friends and put all I had into this man. I cooked everyday, I cleaned 24/7 and I gave up the goodies NIGHT! Yes hunty, he was not going to leave me without a fight.

But, he did!

He left me with a five-bedroom home, two-car garage and a big ass Mercedes car note and with little money in our joint account.

He packed up all his stuff in the middle of the day while I was out and moved back with his momma. He left me high and dry with all the bills. No note, no phone call; nothing! I cried, I prayed, I prayed and I cried then I soon realized that he was not coming back and he refused to help me.

I could not believe that the man that I fell in love with would disrespect our love, our life and my heart.

But, with prayer, faith and family, I pulled it together.

After realizing that I could not change a man, I stopped feeling sorry for myself and I moved forward with my life. I gave up my business; I got a job, moved, gave up the car and restarted my life.

Although my heart was broken, I learned to bounce back and live for me.

I learned to love myself and not to make a man my everything. I learned to enjoy my own company and enjoy my beauty from the inside out!

My advice for someone who has walked in my shoes or is currently in this situation is to know and understand, that this too shall pass because you are amazing! Be brave because you will learn, laugh, love and live again…

I did!

Renee aka A Beauty School Scarlet

Beauty School Scarlet has an addiction for products and wants to be your personal critic for all things beauty. Let her try before you buy!  Follow her on Twitter @ABeautyScarlet. Read more Tales of Disrespect on our late-night blog, here.

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