Photos: Six Brown Chicks on the Road to Essence!

The Six Brown Chicks and official SBC correspondents joined the Road to Essence Festival as panelists in the 4-city national tour that launched on April 26th in Atlanta and closed yesterday in Maryland.
Road to Essence: Maryland

The Road to Essence Festival was a collection of four mini-festivals that paid tribute to the 20th anniversary of the Essence Festival. The events took place in Atlanta, Chicago, Dallas and Maryland. At each stop, Colgate Total hosted “A TOTAL Conversation” and Six Brown Chicks and official SBC Correspondents participated in panels about health and sisterhood. Featured panelists included Colgate Total’s Dr. Catrise Austin,  Essence editors, celebrities, fitness and health experts.

The Road to Essence paved the way to one of the largest gatherings for African Americans in the country, the Essence Music Festival. Follow the conversation on Twitter @EssenceFest

Special thanks to Essence editors!
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